Sonia Abrão gives her opinion on the pause in Bruno De Luca’s career and points out that “it is connected” with Kayky Brito’s controversy

Sonia Abrão talking about Bruno De Luca's break and quoting Kayky Brito (Reproduction: RedeTV!/Instagram)
Sonia Abrão talking about Bruno De Luca’s break and quoting Kayky Brito (Reproduction: RedeTV!/Instagram)

During the ‘The Afternoon is Yours‘ (TV network), Sonia Abrão, journalist and presenter, gave her opinion on the supposed dismissal, which was not confirmed by the broadcaster, of Bruno De Luca from venus platinada. According to the communicator, the apparent dismissal of the presenter has to do with the controversy involving the Kayky Brito. In the statement from the now former commander of theBBB The Elimination‘ that it was just a break and that he wants to take some time away from his commitments.

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“The subject of our front page is delicate, which has the official version that one thing has nothing to do with the other, but it has everything to do with it because no one can separate the event from a previous story. So, there’s no point trying to hide it, it’s so obvious and crystal clear, people. Stop trying to deceive public opinion. Things are connected, yes, [suposta] Bruno De Luca’s dismissal following the run-over of Kayky Brito”began Sonia Abrão, on the afternoon of this Thursday, December 7th, live on RedeTV!.

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Sonia Abrão continued her analysis and reinforced that it is impossible for her to disconnect one thing from the other, in addition to explaining her view on the subject: “He will not participate in Big Brother Brother 24, as part of the elimination of participants, which took place at Multishow. He won’t, he’s not there anymore [no elenco]. But that’s not all, he’s out of Rede Globo. That’s where things start because it’s obvious that everyone will associate it with the Kayky Brito case, with the hit-and-run. He looked really bad on tape because he was the one who was left as the one who ‘abandoned his friend’. Although, he says that he didn’t see it, he didn’t know, that he thought it was just a hit and run, that he was traumatized and that he thought that Kayky had already left too.”concluded the RedeTV presenter”.

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Check out Sonia Abrão’s speech in fullThe:

The break announced by Bruno De Luca

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The fact is that, at the beginning of last Wednesday, the 6th, Bruno De Luca used social media to announce a break in his professional career. Through a video published on his Instagram, the presenter and actor stated that he wants to “stay for a while, I don’t know how long, away from my TV commitments”.

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“Hi guys, how are you? As you know, I went through a lot this year, these events made me rethink my personal life and also my professional life. And speaking of the professional issue, I wanted to say that I decided to take a break, take a period just for myself. I want to spend some time, I don’t know how long, away from my TV commitments.”, said Bruno De Luca in the video, in which he reinforces that it is just a break. In the caption, the presenter also sent a message to his admirers: “Thank you always to those who support me”he said.

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