Sonia Abrão reacts to the reconciliation of Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães on the ‘Programa Silvio Santos’

Sonia Abrão analyzing the participation of Carlinhos and Lucas on SBT (Reproduction: RedeTV and SBT)
Sonia Abrão analyzing the participation of Carlinhos and Lucas on SBT (Reproduction: RedeTV and SBT)

On the afternoon of Monday, December 11th, Sonia Abrão commented on the participation of Carlinhos Maia It is Lucas Guimarães at the ‘Three Clue Game‘, commanded by Patrícia Abravanelat the ‘Silvio Santos Program‘. The journalist stated that she noticed several comments on social media pointing to an alleged setup at the time. Ahead, the presenter of ‘The Afternoon Is Yours‘ stressed that he was not armed and explained the reason to viewers.

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“Let’s go back to the reconciliation that divided opinions on social media, where many people said: ‘ah, they already knew it was going to happen, it was all set up, agreed’. But anyway, my God in Heaven, Patrícia Abravanel commanded the game of three clues and the two reconciled in front of the cameras.”began Sonia Abrão.

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Later, the afternoon manager of Marcelo de Carvalho and Amilcare Dallevo’s station explained why she didn’t think the episode had been staged: “They were very emotional, so I don’t think it was set up.”said the RedeTV! presenter.

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Therefore, Sonia showed the moment in which Lucas declares himself to Carlinhos on the SBT program: “I want, first of all, to thank God, and you, who have always been my partner. I don’t think it’s possible, wherever he exalts us, to forget who helped us to be here, which was you. Teaching me, pulling my ear, and when that happened a lot of the time I didn’t understand. A lot of the time it was a way for you to show love, to want to see me grow, to polish me, because the world doesn’t touch our heads. There was a moment when it was just me and Carlinhos for everything. “, said the presenter when declaring himself to her husband. At the end of the screening, the journalist commented: “Ah, I took it seriously, I don’t doubt it”she said, about their reconciliation.

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