Sonia Abrão reveals in ‘A Tarde é Sua’ that she has already lost a baby and details: “Very sad”

Sonia Abrão during this Friday's program (8) (Reproduction: RedeTV)
Sonia Abrão during this Friday’s program (8) (Reproduction: RedeTV)

This Friday, December 8th, the presenter Sonia Abrão revealed on his program that he already lost a baby. On ‘A Tarde É Sua’ (RedeTV!), the journalist was commenting on astrology when she revealed that a letter showed the delicate moment she would face in her life in relation to her first pregnancy. Then, the communicator explained that she has the gift of being a tarot reader, but explained the reason for not using it.

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“I got her reading letters and it’s a very powerful thing. I read it to myself and it hit me and it was a very sad, heavy thing and it ended up happening. The karmic stone came out and there was no other, actually. I was pregnant, it was my first pregnancy, it was very complicated, and I said I’m going to get the card and the karmic stone came out. I mean, it was something. Three weeks later, I lost the baby. The stone made it very clear that it was truly for rescue.”revealed Sonia Abrão to her colleagues on the bench.

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Then, Sonia said that she lost her excitement with the result, she stated that she was very scared afterwards and explained that she has this gift, but that she doesn’t use it due to an important factor involving people.

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“Then I wasn’t excited anymore and I said: ‘I’m scared to death of these things’. But, more than that, you mess with people’s lives. I didn’t know I was capable of doing this, because taking it for myself is one thing, then people come and ask, you go and do it. So, I was scared of this responsibility. Sometimes a person can misunderstand and you can mess with their life. This is over for me, I have to take it off for myself and no one else.”concluded Sonia Abrão.

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