Spanish researchers create a system that detects attackers with weapons before they act thanks to AI

In Minority Report, a police unit anticipated criminals, arresting them before they committed their crimes. Now, a group of Spanish researchers, inspired by that story, has developed a system that, through artificial intelligenceallows you to identify a possible attacker who is carrying a weapon and is about to use it.

Óscar Déniz Suárez, one of the participants of said team, explains to laSexta that the image allows us to locate the position of the weapon, generating an alarm for a security operator to confirm if they are facing a real threat. This is where artificial intelligence comes in, which can memorize objects and learn to detect them.

Juan Antonio Álvarez, project coordinator, assures that artificial intelligence “analyzes all pixels” of the recorded image, detecting the shape of the weapon and, thanks to the previous training it has had, giving a probability that what the attacker is holding is, indeed, a weapon.

The security cameras, therefore, would detect the attacker and his weapon before he could commit a crime. Afterwards, they would launch an alarm that would be immediate. This project is still in the development phase, but has already sparked interest from American companies.

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