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All members of the South Korean band BTS have enlisted in the military. Although they are not active in the entertainment industry for the time being, there are reports of recent military affairs from time to time. V (Kim Taehyung) was captured at Chuncheon Songam Sports Town on the 31st. , he and his affiliated second division cheered for the players, and even appeared on the big screen in the stadium. He gestured YA happily, and the whole scene was captured.

▲▼Bulletproof V's

▲Bangtan V even appeared on the live broadcast screen of the game. (Picture/reproduced from JTBC)

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Bulletproof V is currently affiliated with the Chuncheon Army 2nd Division. Gangwon Football Club (FC Gangwon) happened to be playing at Songum Stadium in Chuncheon on the 31st. He and the entire team came to support the scene. When the song “Dynamite” was played live, the big screen captured His figure was heard in the audience with enthusiastic screams. As the competition on the field became fierce, he was also fully focused on the game. From time to time he showed a serious expression, and from time to time he danced happily compared to YA.

▲Bangtan V appeared in military uniform, showing an innocent and cute smile. (Picture/reproduced from Twitter)

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It is rare for V to appear in front of the public. He has neat short hair and is wearing a military uniform. He seems to get along well with his colleagues. He looks and is in good condition. It is rare for him to enjoy private time, which also makes fans feel very happy. He laughed and shouted, ” Like a happy child,” “Cuteer than YA,” “I finally see V.” I hope he enjoys his daily life as a soldier.

Although BTS members are serving in the army, they still officially release new works from time to time. V just released a new song “FRI (END) S” a few days ago. When he was not at home, his friends Choi Woo-sik, Park Hyung-sik, and Park Seo-joon burst into his house hilariously Watching the MV, Choi Woo-sik even put on a coat from his closet, which made him laugh and cry: “Aren’t those the clothes in my closet?” Several friends interacted to make fans laugh.

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