Student in Limón or San Carlos? Take advantage of this English course at TEC

Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) San Carlos headquarters.

The Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) reported that they will open places for students who want to study English in Limón and San Carlos.

According to the higher education institution, the opening It will be for the English Access Microscholarship program.

This program lasts 2 years and provides young people with English language skills in order to improve their academic abilities, as well as for employment opportunities.

“Participants can also choose to compete and participate in future exchanges and studies in the United States,” detailed the TEC.

For the youth of Limónthe program will be aimed at Day School students who have between 15 and 17 years and that they are in the ninth or tenth year.

How to apply?

Those interested must fill out the form in its entirety and send it no later than February 11, 2024, through the following link.

To present the required information, the TEC will be providing additional time once the school year has started.

To opt for this course, Students must meet the following profile:

  • Come from a low-income family and not have dual nationality
  • Actively participate in the program, which lasts two years
  • Participate in cultural activities organized by the program
  • Have availability to receive classes three nights a week in person in the facilities of the Limón Academic Center

For their part, for San Carlos students, they must have between 17 and 20 years old, and be between their first and second year of university studies.

Likewise, young people who wish to participate You must fill out the corresponding form no later than February 11 In the following link.

According to the university, with the beginning of the school year, more documents will be requested, which can be delivered during the course.

The Requirements that students must meet are:

  • Come from a low-income family
  • Do not have dual nationality
  • Actively participate in the course that lasts two years
  • Participate in cultural activities organized by the program
  • Be available to receive classes three days a week starting at 5 pm in person

Any additional questions should be made to the coordinator of this program at TEC, via email: [email protected].

The email must detail “Consulta Access Limón Program” or “Consulta Access San Carlos Program”, as appropriate.

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