Sumar studies denouncing Podemos before the Anti-Transfuguism Pact for not leaving its minutes

Sumar is studying denouncing Podemos before the Anti-Transfuguism Pact after a week ago he broke with Yolanda Díaz’s coalition in Congress to join the Mixed Group. This is what Sumar’s spokesperson and Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, has announced, who has avoided labeling the five purple deputies as turncoats and has limited himself to citing the Anti-Transfuguism Agreement, which Podemos also signed.

“Transfuguism cannot be rewarded”Urtasun stressed in a press conference at Espacio Rastro to explain the steps they are taking in order to try to isolate this type of behavior in politicians. He, too, has not asked the five deputies, led by Ione Belarra, to return their minutes, insisting that they are the ones who should make these decisions.

According to Podemos, his departure to the Mixed Group to be able have a political role that Sumar denied them It has nothing to do with an act of transfuguism because it is not an individual breakup like the one carried out by the purple deputy Meri Pita when last year she left the Unidas Podemos bench to join the Mixed Party, Isa justified a few days ago. Serra.

Although Sumar sources acknowledge that this breakup complicates the situation for the Government, They now want to turn the page and focus on their legislative agenda. Urtasun also did not want to comment on the trickle of casualties among Podemos leaders, understanding that it is a personal issue.

He referred to the departure of Jessica Albiach, leader of the commons in Parliament; that of the former general secretary of Podemos in the Community of Madrid, Jesús Santos, and those announced this Monday: that of the former Podemos candidate in the Madrid City Council, Roberto Sotomayor, and the former spokesperson in the Assembly last term, Carolina Alonso

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