Summaries of “Renascer” – Week of 02/19 to 02/24

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Check out the chapter summaries of “Reborn” – Week of 19/02 to 24/02.

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Chapter 25

Teca changes her mind about her pregnancy and runs away from the clinic. Mariana sees João Pedro in José Inocêncio’s face, who feels her discomfort. Venâncio notices Eriberto’s interest in Eliana. Buba tells Venâncio that she was fired. Mariana assures José Inocêncio that she does not regret having married him. Deocletian scolds João Pedro for wanting to leave the farm. Venâncio shows no interest in starting a family. Eriberto is surprised to see Venâncio with Buba. Zinha advises João Pedro to think of Mariana as his mother. João Pedro comes across Mariana on the farm.

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Chapter 26

João Pedro treats Mariana with formality. Kika criticizes Bento’s attitude towards his family. José Inocêncio talks to Mariana about his fear that his children will not be able to take care of the lands they inherited. Eriberto tells Eliana that he saw Venâncio with Buba. Du accepts Teca’s decision to have the child. Mariana manages to captivate Zé Augusto. Zinha blames Augusto for the death of her father, Jupará. João Pedro and Zinha rehearse a kiss, but realize that between them it’s just friendship. Zé Augusto praises João Pedro’s attitude. Neno and Pitoco tell Teca that Du was caught. Damião arrives in the village and scares the children who were playing in the street.

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Chapter 27

Norberto is suspicious of Damião’s behavior. José Inocêncio reacts when Augusto tells his father that João Pedro will take care of his lands. Tião Galinha and Joana go in search of a better life. Damião lurks around José Inocêncio’s house. Augusto reveals to João Pedro his lack of conviction in medicine and comments that he separated from his wife. Padre Santo picks up Tião and his family on the road. Damião asks Deocletian for a job. José Inocêncio suggests to Padre Santo that he take Tião to Colonel Egídio’s farm. Tião and Joana are excited about the possibility of working on Colonel Egídio’s farm.

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Chapter 28

Teca decides to continue looking for Du. Buba causes a car accident and hits Teca. The girl does not agree to go to the hospital, despite Buba’s insistence. Joana thanks Padre Santo and Pastor Lívio for their welcome at Egídio’s farm. Buba takes Teca to her house to take care of the young woman’s injuries. José Inocêncio orders João Pedro to get rid of Damião and fire him. Eliana goes to Buba’s house to ask questions, and Eriberto scolds her. João Pedro confronts José Inocêncio and hires Damião to take care of his land. Damião is interested in Ritinha.

Chapter 29

Tião Galinha and Joana celebrate their new home on Colonel Egídio’s farm, who is surprised by the girl’s beauty. Deocletian warns João Pedro about Damião. Chico scolds Ritinha. Buba is worried about Teca, who is scared. Venâncio is shocked by the fact that Buba ran over a pregnant woman. Buba admits his mistake by changing Teca’s name to hers at the doctor’s appointment. João Pedro tells Mariana that his father sent him to sleep on the farm so his stepmother wouldn’t be alone. Mariana questions João Pedro about why he obeys José Inocêncio.

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Chapter 30

Egídio makes a job offer to Tião Galinha, with the intention of keeping him away from Joana. Venâncio repudiates the idea of ​​Buba adopting Teca’s son. Norberto misses Jacutinga. José Inocêncio asks Norberto for information about Damião. Venâncio asks Eliana what she wants so they can proceed with the divorce paperwork. Venâncio asks Buba to send Teca away from home. Dona Patroa catches Egídio smelling Joana’s dress.

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