Summaries of “The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet” – Week of 12/02 to 16/02

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Check out the summaries of “The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet” – Week of 12/02 to 16/02.

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Chapter 201, Monday, February 12

Enzo temporarily leaves the CEC to take care of Téo and Fred replaces Enzo on the court. At the hospital, Bernardo tells Téo that he was the blood donor and saved his life. Vitor informs Vera that he will work part-time at Monter Mercado and part-time at CEC. Alex opens up about his feelings with Lívia and comments on his mother’s death; Lívia also mentions her father’s death. Bernardo tells Téo that he will always be at his disposal; Téo states that he doesn’t want to live with the Monteiro family. Daniel notices that the restaurant’s rating has gone down on the internet and suspects that it has Domitila’s hand. Bernardo gives the doctor his phone number, says that he is Téo’s biological father and that he can call in any emergency. Patrick tells Karen that he wants to get away from her, as she crossed the line with her crazy plans to separate Romeo and Juliet.

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Chapter 202, Tuesday, February 13

Romeo can’t stop thinking about Juliet and imagines a life in which he can live with her. Téo feels very ill and a hospital employee calls Bernardo’s cell phone to inform him about the boy’s health, but Vera answers the phone. Vera doesn’t understand the reason for the call, but Bernardo arrives and takes the device from her. Téo is taken for urgent liver surgery. Bernardo explains to Vera that he donated blood to Téo. Vitor notifies his family that he is the new manager of the CEC cafeteria; Hélio distrusts his son, as he never wanted to work at CEC when Hélio was in charge of the place. Karen is angry with Ellen and reveals her secret about her father’s death: Plínio died in a car accident on the way to the hospital on the day of Ellen’s birth; the youngest cries believing that her father died because of her. Vera arrives at the hospital where Bernardo, Enzo and Amanda are. Vera wants to know what Bernardo is hiding from her.

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Chapter 203, Wednesday, February 14

Téo’s surgery was a success. Daren invites Portia to travel with him and live in England; She says she has a boyfriend. Vitor tells Glaucia to increase the price of the cafeteria’s products and divert part of the money to them. At the hospital, Julieta listens to the conversation between Amanda and the doctor, and discovers that Bernardo is Téo’s father. Bernardo decides to tell Vera that Téo is his son. Portia tells Bassanio that she received a job offer in England from Daren; Bassanio recognizes his girlfriend’s good opportunity. Bernardo explains to Vera that Amanda doesn’t want anything from the family, but that he will take on all of his son’s responsibilities.

Chapter 204, Thursday, February 15

Ellen reflects on her father’s death. The Pedalzera gang finds a lost lady who doesn’t remember her name or where she lives; the children take the lady to their shelter. Pedalzera calls the lady grandmother and they take her to the CEC, the lady tells Mini that she is their grandmother, allowing the children to train there. Hélio works at the Warehouse and Mariana has an impasse with him when organizing the shelves. Romeo and Juliet meet at the CEC court and Glaucia catches them; Glaucia remembers that they cannot be together. Vera asks Leandro to talk to Bernardo about a controversial subject. Dimitri sees a “missing” poster for the lady and remembers that she was with Pedalzera at the CEC.

Chapter 205, Friday, February 16

Téo tells Amanda that Bernardo seems to be a good father. Dimitri breaks into the Pedalzera gang’s hideout and claims that the lady’s family is looking for her. Glaucia accepts Vitor’s proposal to earn more money at the CEC cafeteria. Vera confronts Amanda at the hospital. Bernardo finally tells Leandro Monteiro the truth about being Téo’s father. Amanda tells Vera that she wants to continue raising Téo without Bernardo’s presence and Vera asks if she still has feelings for Bernardo. Vera claims that Bernardo will pay the pension, but tells Amanda to stay away from her family; Amanda claims she doesn’t want the pension. In conversation with Bernardo, Leandro is worried about the family’s image in the media and says that he will not recognize Téo as his grandson. Pedalzera says goodbye to his grandmother, who is rescued by her daughter. Julieta explains to Téo that she already knows about Bernardo’s paternity; Téo says he doesn’t want Romeo to know. Pórcia decides to stay in Brazil because of Bassânio.

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“The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet” is shown from Monday to Friday on SBT and five chapters are available every Monday on Prime Video.

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