Susana Giménez’s sincere and raw opinion about Fátima Florez as First Lady

Meanwhile, it was inevitable that the figure of Fatima who worked on the iconic television host’s program in the famous sketches of the Telefe series with her various characters, including herself. Suzanne.

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Thus, after openly expressing that he voted first for Patricia Bullrich and then to Javier Milei in the runoff, Susana Gimenez was blunt when the host asked her opinion about the comedian’s new role as a First lady Argentina.

“She has come to my program many times. Every time she went she was a success. They asked me if I liked her as First Lady and I said no. She has to dress differently and she is going to miss the environment a lot.”she concluded sincerely and faithful to her direct style without euphemisms.

Susana Giménez returned to the country after the delivery of the Martín Fierro Latino: the photos

After sponsoring the first delivery of the Martín Fierro Latino Awards in Miami, last Friday morning, December 1st Susana Gimenez She returned to the country and did not stop talking about absolutely everything with the press that was waiting for her along with a crowd of fans who did not hesitate to ask her for photos and affectionate greetings.

Despite the delay of an hour and a half to recover her luggage, although the plane landed before the scheduled time, the driver was super friendly along with her wardrobe person, who accompanied her on her trip.

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Approached by the cameras Show Partners (El Trece), the host explained that on Monday she left before the Martín Fierro Latinos ceremony because more than half of the shortlists were missing and both she and her assistant, who was “with purple lips”.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the greetings and photos with the fans who spotted her in the airport corridor, Susana Gimenez He confessed his joy at the libertarian’s presidential victory Javier Mileihe slipped that “we have to help him” and he fired, true to his style: “Go out into the streets, but unarmed”.

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Finally, regarding his retirement from the stage, he confirmed that his season with judas skin in Punta del Este will be his definitive retirement from the stage. Meanwhile, she hinted that she could return to live in the country towards the middle of the year when she returns to the Telefe screen with her historic program, or some other format that excites her.

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