Suspended (again) the eviction of a woman who they wanted to expel from her apartment for a debt of 88 euros

Again, another attempt to evict Blanca, a 78-year-old woman whom Justice wanted to evict from his house in the Boters street, in the Gòtic neighborhood of Barcelonaan old rental, where she had lived for decades, after the owner took her to court for an initial debt of 88 euros.

The organization of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, ​​Resistim al Gòtic, concentrated on Blanca’s home on November 22 to prevent the eviction and they managed to stop it. Today, December 6, said association has reported on its official Twitter account, now called X, that the new eviction has been stopped again, and that it has been postponed.

“We publicly announce that the new eviction of Blanca, scheduled for Monday, December 11, has been postponed without a date to give more time to the negotiation. But we also want to communicate our assessment of the case, its media coverage and its resolution,” as the publication says.

Since the statement, said association has reported that there may be the possibility of an “agreement” between the City Council, Blanca and the property so that Blanca can stay in the apartment with a new contract that “would establish a very high rental price, but it The council and the woman, who has been living there since 1968, would half pay. However, from Resistim al Gòtic they maintain that “what is legitimate and defensible is the maintenance of the old rent.”

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