Talitha Morete returns to command ‘Mais Você’ after being ‘exchanged’ by Tati Machado

Fabrício Battaglini and Talitha Morete on Mais Você - Photo: TV Globo
Fabrício Battaglini and Talitha Morete on Mais Você – Photo: TV Globo

The presenter Talitha Moreteofficial replacement for Ana Maria Braga in charge of ‘More you‘, returned to her rightful position after being ‘exchanged’ by Tati Machado last week. The reason? The queen of mornings took a few days off to enjoy Carnival and also recover from an intestinal upset.

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However, last Wednesday, Talitha ended up being ‘swapped’ by Tati Machado in charge of ‘Mais Você’, due to Ana being taken by surprise by a virus that caused her harm, leading the co-host of ‘Encontro’ to take over alongside Fabrício Battaglini the attraction of the queen of mornings.

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However, Tati only stayed in Morete’s place for 3 days, and as she replaced Patrícia this week, Talitha was hastily called up to take her place on ‘Mais Você’. It is also worth remembering that Tati would be in charge of Ana Maria’s attraction, but due to Poeta’s time off, she had to return to the ‘Encontro’.

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In short, these changes to the Marinho family’s morning broadcast commands should remain in place for the next few days. News, we will publish here in the VIP Area!

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Just this morning, Fabrício and Talitha shared the best moments of Sapucaí, in a frenetic night of parades in Marquês and, of course, showed the countless celebrities who were present at the place, also interviewing some names such as Patrícia Poeta, Amaury Lorenzo, Maria Clara Spinelli, Artlete Salles, Juan Paiva, currently on air in ‘Renascer’ and many other artists.

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