Tan Biónica conquered River with Abel Pintos, Miranda!, Nicki Nicole and Airbag as guests

So Bionic in River: Chano Moreno Charpentier contemplating the crowd (@irishsuarez)

If November 4th is National Bionic Piberío DayDecember 8 should be considered directly the World Bionic Tan Day. On this date but in 2012 was when the band they make up Chano and Bambi Moreno Charpentier next to Seby Seoane and Diego Lichtenstein gave its first massive show: about 80 thousand people came to the closing of the Obsessive Tour in Alcorta and La Pampa. Now, eleven years after that milestone, the party took place about 15 blocks away, on the inside of the Más Monumental stadium.

The River field was the scene of the closing for Argentina of The Last Magic Night Tourthe tour with which the band returned to the ring after the break they had started in mid-2016. After a small appearance in Lollapalooza Argentina in the middle of the solo show Chano, Tan Biónica gave two shows at the Vélez stadium and another couple at the Diego Maradona in La Plata. With production of DF Entertainment and live broadcast on flowthe Friday holiday marked a date with history.

Thus, the stadium with the largest capacity in the City of Buenos Aires dressed up for the last performance and at 9 p.m., punctually, the classic intro of the bionic shows began to play through the speakers: “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Then, some incidental and period music, very much in the style of the group, was the curtain so that one by one they went up to their place. The last one to go up was the singer, with his eyes very shiny with emotion. And once he settled down, they released the first of the night: “Hello my life.”

The emotion of Chano Moreno Charpentier at the Tan Biónica recital in River (Instagram)

The triangular stage that they presented in this small stadium tour remained unchanged – as well as the flowered kimonos in the look of the four -, with its psychedelic projections, with some fragments of the lyrics performed and with shots of the band mixed with the crowd. who went to see them. At one point, they struck out a girl who was holding a Chano figure like the Jesus of the Sacred Heart, something that somehow connects with his drive for life and permanent resurrection. Or, better yet, and using the words that Bambi sang in the third song on the list, “every day in the world there is a way to be resurrected” (“Music”).

The repertoire was almost the same as what they had been doing on these return nights, mixing songs from all their albums and all their periods, always driven by that pop clockwork precision that characterizes the band and with Chano giving his soul in each verse. From renewed versions of almost prehistoric songs, such as “Lunita de Tucumán”, to some of Hello Worldhis latest album so far, such as “Tus Magical Hours” and “Las cosas que Pasa”, preluded by an emotional speech by the singer in which he burst into tears saying that every day he tries to be “best brother, best son, best boyfriend, despite everything you already know happened to me”.

But far from going for a melancholic tone, the thing was purely celebratory. “All of us musicians who were born in Argentina dream of singing at River and this is possible thanks to you.“said the singer, and in that vein he invited different colleagues to the stage. First, Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas of Miranda!, who joined in an electro version of “Her”. Then, Abel Pintos He made an interesting counterpoint with Chano in “Obsesionario en La Mayor”, one of the most emotional in the repertoire, and in which the pop folklorist opposed his vocal perfectionism to the usual performance with his (broken) heart in the leader’s hand. “Thank you Tan Biónica, thank you world bionic piberío. I love you so much,” the Bahian wrote minutes later on his social media, with photos and videos documenting the moment.

Abel Pintos, one of the guests of honor

In the acoustic segment, for which the group was compressed into a small stage installed in the middle of the field and surrounded by the crowd, Nicki Nicole She went up in the unreleased “Boquitas Pinturas”, which they had to play twice since the Rosario’s throat closed when she sang. The other songs that they reinterpreted in an intimate key were “Clearly” (from Chano’s solo repertoire), “Poema de los cielos”, “La Salada” and “Chica bionica”.

With the emotions of the stadium on the surface, T.B. He faced the final stretch of the show with his biggest hits, from the “Magic City” born for the dance floor, the melancholic “My January Nights,” the toxic cry of “Aruinarse” with Airbag as guests (“The best band of the country’s rock”) and the closing with the full orchestra with “The Melody of God” and the last of Chano’s voice. “We hope we have improved your lives for a little while, even if it is”he said at the end.

The explosion of Tan Biónica in the biggest show of her career

276,879 were exactly the tickets he sold So Bionic for the five shows of this return tour which still has one more stop before the end of the year (December 29 in Uruguay) and which will have some excursions to the interior of the country and also to Paraguay in the first four months of 2024.”I believe one thing: that the best is yet to come. Up, nostalgic hearts of the bionic piberio!“, shouted the singer about the end of this recital and opening the door to what happens in the immediate future. There is plenty of popular support and songs to be sung by crowds, too.

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