Tati Zaqui shows off her new look and receives compliments on the internet: ”She looks beautiful”

Tati Zaqui (Photo: Instagram)

Previously, as you may have seen here on Vip areathe singer, songwriter and ex-A Fazenda Tati Zaqui, decided to leave funk and migrate to a gospel career. Furthermore, according to the artist herself, the change did not only occur in her artistic life. But also in your personal life. The former partner of Thomaz Costa He stated that he is starting to attend church and is slowly getting used to this new reality.

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On the afternoon of Sunday, December 10, the celebrity appeared in a video on her official Instagram profile with a look she wasn’t used to wearing. In the situation, she was wearing a long skirt, black shirt and shoes of the same color. The ex-peoa’s publication was the reason for several comments on the social network in question. Many internet users think that Tati looks beautiful with her new look, while others make negative comments regarding the singer.

Instagram users made the following observations on the matter: ”Guys how can you, right, it looks beautiful! Elegant and attracted more attention than if she had been wearing short clothes, a low neckline and an exposed belly. Who agrees with me?” “Is she ever going to take that piercing out of her mouth??” “When I went to church I didn’t have a sister like that, why God?” “What a beautiful girl, sir, what a beautiful look.” “Beautiful, but she needs to control her seduction and sensuality more”. Check it out below!

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Tati recently said that her managers prevented her from accessing her adult video platform and her YouTube channel. When commenting on the matter, the former A Fazenda member reinforced that she wanted to delete the material she previously recorded: “My former and dear managers took away my access to adult content platforms because I was deleting content. As agreed from the beginning, I said I could delete and cancel everything whenever I wanted because it concerns my exposure.”he said.

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