Terica Uriol, creator of the sandwich diet: “To avoid gaining weight at Christmas, leave the powder keg and attack the roscón”

In a country where everything is celebrated around a table, keeping the type in Christmas It may seem like an impossible mission. But it is not, say the experts. Specific, Terica Uriol, the nutritionist fashionable in Spain and the creator of the popular ‘Sandwich Diet’, with which you can lose weight without giving up a sandwich.

The secret to avoid gaining those extra kilos that we have to suffer in January is to “be a little more careful with your diet in the previous days and in the ‘intermediate‘, those in which we do not celebrate”, explains the nutritionist. In general terms, she says, it is about “avoiding fats and try to increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. and reduce the consumption of proteins and fats, to compensate,” details Terica Uriol.

Reducing protein intake is a new term in the equation. control of our weight, at a time when it is common to hear that women consume few. That is precisely why we asked the expert. “When we have lunch and dinner at Christmas with family and friends we usually order ham, cheese, sausages, squid, prawns…, everything in the center. Then, for the main course, fish or meat. That’s all proteinand we are not aware of how bad it is to take them in excess, for the liver, for the kidneys… A healthy diet to maintain your weight includes 40% of carbohydrates of carbon, 30% of fruits and vegetables and another 30% that is divided between proteins and fats. Not respecting these values ​​causes, among others, voltage and uric acid problems, in addition to altering a lot of parameters,” answers Terica Uriol, who insists on the ‘collateral’ damage of protein diets: “They are the ones that generate the greatest rebound effect and the worst for health. We must be aware that a healthy one includes 40% carbohydrates, but without fatbecause this is what causes the michelnwhich is nothing other than adipose tissue”.

By following the same healthy diet, you can avoid gaining the average two kilos of weight that, according to all studies, we have to gain. Christmas. But “without doing crazy things,” warns the nutritionist. “Spending three days on broth or five eating artichokes is useless, it is an absurdity that only causes brutal anxiety. What is effective is a good detox diet of three days in which you eat legumes, rice and whole wheat pasta, fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish, without any type of rebound effect.” It is the one detailed in this report. But first, to understand it well, let’s go in parts.

A Christmas menu that doesn’t make you fat

appetizers and menu


“The bad thing about Christmas is not what we eat, but the time we spend spending desktop“, it states Terica Uriol, “It’s when we snack on more sweets and at the same time continue drinking alcohol. This and the Christmas desserts, made with a lot of fats and nuts, are real calorie bombs. If we avoid dessert, or try just enough, we have already gained a lot,” she advises.

At our christmas gua without gaining weight, we specify. “If we have to develop the men, we can start with a degreased or seafood consommé, for example lobster or spider crab if we want something luxurious. For the second, a good baked fish, with its basic vegetables and potatoes,” details the nutritionist. All after a appetizer with Iberian ham and loin (from which we will try to remove the fat, although it makes us sad), seafood such as prawns and prawns, octopus (preferably cooked) and smoked salmon. These food They have little fat and are much healthier than foie, other sausages and cheeses,” he details.

And what do we do with dessert?

The donut


Ok, we already know that sweets Christmas are the worst for our Michelin, but we will have to finish the meal with something… “With so much saturated fat, which comes from the butterthere is no one to save the nougats, polka dots or marzipan, just by smelling them we gain weight,” jokes Terica, who proposes not depriving ourselves of them, but “eat a little and enjoy it, without repeating or turning purple as if they were going to be taken from our hands. And being aware that the next day, or whenever we can, we must follow a slightly stricter diet, detoxto compensate”.

And, as incredible as it may seem, there is a dessert which we can abuse on these dates: the roscn. “As long as we eat it without filling, it is practically not fattening; it has an average of 8 grams of fat per 100 of product, less than any cake, we are very lucky,” says the expert. Well, in my house they only want it stuffed, counterattack. “Then let it be creambecause it is the one that least get fat. With cream or truffle we triple the amount of fat. So, leave the powder keg and attack the donut,” he says, laughing.

Mixing alcohol, the enemy

The shampoo


Not only do we gain weight from food Christmas; The number one enemy is not what we eat, but what we drink: “Alcohol adds many calories to us without realizing it. And the worst ones,” warns the expert. But when accompanying a great meal with a good wine is not an option, what do we do?, we ask. “The key is not to mix, that is, do not start with beer, continue with wine, toast with champagne or digging and finish with a glass. And given the choice, the ones with the fewest calories are champagne and the cava. Furthermore, since they carry a little bit of gas, they give us a sensation of satiety and they help us eat and drink less. Since they are special dates, let’s take advantage of them alone, throughout dinner,” she recommends.

And one last piece of expert advice: “Drinking a glass of water for every glass of wine, champagne or cava we drink reduces the calories we ingest, helps dilute the alcohol and eliminate toxins, which will cause both the liver and kidneys to suffer.” less”. The water bottle, always present.

Three-day cleansing diet

a lime


Straight to the point. Which one is that? purifying diet of three days that allows us to keep the kilos under control without giving up big dinners? We asked the nutritionist. “It should include foods that improve the purification of our body naturally,” she responds. “It is perfect to have a glass of breakfast water with the juice of a squeezed lemon, because it fills us with vitamins and antioxidants. Furthermore, green tea Better than coffee and cereals with a lot of fiber, such as All Bran or bran. Between meals, you have to continue purifying with more green tea and fruits. pia and Kiwi. And at lunch and dinner, increase the consumption of foods with fiber to help us clean the intestine and give us a feeling of satiety, we are talking about artichoke, broccoli, celery, asparagus, leeks, raspberries, grapefruit, orange…”, lists Terica. With these premises, he details this diet detox to avoid hunger:

  • He first day We will eat legumes in salads or cooked without fat, only with vegetables. At dinner, vegetables and fruits. “It is the way to provide a large amount of fiber that helps us clean,” says the expert.
  • In it second day, We include rice or whole wheat pasta with vegetables at lunch, and at dinner time, we choose a clean protein – chicken, turkey or fish, both white and blue – with vegetables, salad and a piece of fruit.
  • And the thirdagain proteins with roasted vegetables and fruits, both at lunch and dinner.

And, as a rule, “cook everything without fat, with very little oilusing a sprayer to control the quantity and not let it get out of hand,” he adds.

Glucomannan, the ally to avoid gaining weight

At this point, it only remains to know if there is any asset magic that helps us achieve the miracle: eating without feeling guilty and without gaining weight. Surprise: like the meigas, ‘have it, there is it’. And it is also very accessible and affordable, “in fact, it can be bought in any supermarket or pharmacy. It is the glucomannansome pills fiber that have the ability to increase up to one hundred times their size. If you drink two with half a liter of water 30 minutes before sitting down at the table, that fiber begins to grow in the stomach and makes us eat practically half. It works great for controlling the weight and it is very healthybecause it also helps clean the intestine without causing diarrhea,” he says.

In short, “neither miraculous shakes nor soups nor syrups nor strange medications… That doesn’t help; on the contrary, the only thing it does is crush us inside and make us less healthy. To avoid gaining weight this Christmas, it is best to follow a cleansing diet after the holidays. excesses that help us eliminate the toxins and waste that have been left in our body from consuming more fats and proteins than usual. And as an ally, a portion of fiber in the form of a glucomannan pill,” concludes Terica Uriol.

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