Thati Lopes comments behind the scenes of a hot scene with Tony Ramos in ‘Terra e Paixão’

Antônio (Tony Ramos) and Berenice (Thati Lopes)
Antônio (Tony Ramos) and Berenice (Thati Lopes) in Terra e Paixão – Photo: Globo

The actress Thati Lopes ended up becoming one of the prominent actresses in ‘Earth and Passion‘ with her character, Berenice. At 33 years old, the artist comments on the public’s recognition on the streets and opened up behind the scenes about the hot scenes she did with Tony Ramos in the serial written by Walcyr Carrasco.

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In an interview with the newspaper ‘O Globo’, Thati Lopes begins the conversation by commenting on the affection she has been receiving from the soap opera’s audience. “This repercussion has been very pleasant, I’m very happy when they approach me and talk about the character. I see that it is being successful due to the feedback I have from the streets“, she comments.

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Having the opportunity to work with people I grew up watching is a dream come true. Not to mention that Tony is generous, a friend and everything that people say about him. I was nervous, but it was incredible to be able to kiss, hold him, call him ‘my furry cat’“, highlights the actress about Tony Ramos.

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Still in the chat, Thati explained that it is not difficult to explore sensuality in a character, but she guarantees that she does not feel sensual. “In fact, I’m really ashamed. Of course, at work we let loose, but I don’t think I’m a sensual woman in life. Even clothes, I like a more comfortable style, loose clothes“, says the actress.

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Furthermore, the artist and interpreter of Berenice also stated that she had problems in her relationship with the mirror during her adolescence: “I only developed it when I was 17. At 15, very skinny, I felt a little bad. My self-esteem improved over time“, he commented.

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