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If you’ll allow it, let’s go ahead and treat the McDonald’s Big Mac as the iconic fast-food menu item it really is and let the Big Mac serve as shorthand for all fast-food eats for a moment here. In the 1980s, as McDonald’s pivoted to pushing meals more than individual products, a Big Mac meal—which is the burger, a soft drink, and fries, of course—cost an average of $2.59.
By the mid-1990s, the price for a Big Mac Extra Value Meal was around $4.59 in most places in America. By the year 2020, that meal was up to an average of $7.89. And today, a Big Mac Extra Value Meal costs $8.19 on average, per Fast Food Price. Sure, that means McD’s menu prices have slightly outpaced inflation rates, as per U.S. Inflation Calculator, what cost $2.59 in 1985 should cost $7.17 today, it’s nice to know this classic fast-food meal is still priced well under $10.
Because here’s the thing: that Big Mac meal price? That’s the exception these days—at many places, if you want fries (or chips or tots or whatnot) and a drink with that sandwich, burger, or burrito, a $10 bill won’t cut it anymore.
But we found the best fast-food meals still priced under $10 for you.
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As noted, this most classic fast-food meal is still well under $10 at most McDonald’s locations, coming in at under $9, even, per our earlier research. And in fact, per Menu and Price, right now no McDonald’s meals cost more than $10, though a few are just a matter of 41 cents below that mark.
Per Fast Food Menu price data from November 2022, you can still get Burger King’s equivalent of the Big Mac meal for a great price. In fact, at $7.59 on average, a Double Whopper meal costs a good deal less than the Big Mac meal.
A Chicken Quesadilla Combo from Taco Bell is one of the best deals we could find. For $7.99, this meal comes with a four-piece chicken and cheese quesadilla, a classic crunchy beef taco, and a drink.
This hefty meal from Wendy’s costs just under $10, at $9.69 per The Food XP. And we’re not playing around with the word “hefty,” by the way: depending on the beverage you choose, this meal can have between 1,238 and 1,436 calories, per Wendy’s site.
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This great burger comes with fries and a drink for a great price. Per Fast Food Menu Prices, this classic California combo costs only $6.70 at present, making it one of the best fast-food finds out there.
If you want a lot of meat for a decent price—and you want fries and a drink on the side—then the Original Thickburger Combo is a good choice. Hardee’s is charging $8.69 for this half-pound burger combo, per Menus with Prices.
A SuperSonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger Combo will, at last check according to Sonic Menu Prices, cost you $7.89 on average. Though do note that menu prices may vary based on location.
Depending on which sandwich you order, you can still get a meal at Subway for less than $10. And that’s for a six-inch sandwich, of course, with chips and a drink. We managed to assemble a Turkey & Ham sub combo for $9.78, pre-tax.
As Jack in the Box is known for its decent prices, it’s not surprising that you can get a Bacon and Swiss Buttery Jack combo meal for $7.29, according to Fast Food Menu Prices.
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Whataburger’s basic meal, consisting of a classic Whataburger, medium fries, and a medium drink, delivers about 1,400 calories, so it’s quite a meal. And at $7.99 for all that, it’s quite a deal, too.
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