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From the crime drama of The Godfather to the musical heights of Singin’ in the Rain, Metacritic reviewers have decided which films are the best ever.
2022 has seen very well-received movies like Everything Everywhere All at Once and Top Gun: Maverick that have fetched great critical ratings. However, reaching the heights of the best films ever released is a whole other achievement, especially when it comes to Metacritic, where films face sterner tests in gaining high scores.
Still, certain movies have managed to reach that seemingly unattainable height of Metacritic excellence. Whether it’s the crime drama The Godfather or a timeless romantic drama like Casablanca, it’s interesting to see which films have impressed Metacritic reviewers like few others have been able to. It also sets viewers up for potential binge-watches of some of the finest works in cinematic history.
Charlie Chaplin’s famous Tramp character took on his greatest adventure yet in City Lights. It has a simple premise of the protagonist falling in love with a blind woman and attempting to impress her. True to form, City Lights features Chaplin’s trademark slapstick comedy.
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The movie proved to be a hit at a time when silent movies were dying in favor of “the Talkies,” making it a remarkable achievement. It remains a family-friendly affair fit for all generations to watch, as the Tramp’s good-natured and innocent charm never fails to tickle the funny bone.
Largely considered the greatest musical movie to ever be made, it’s the charming performances of the cast that makes it so appealing. Singing’ in the Rain is about three stars who have to contend with the transition of silent films into “the talkies” era and the resulting impact on the industry.
Singin’ in the Rain takes a lighthearted approach to the matter, making for a heartwarming film that justifies watching the protagonists’ struggles because a happy ending is guaranteed. The singing and dancing of Gene Kelly, in particular, is a timeless performance.
While the average moviegoer generally knows Cary Grant for his many comedy movies, the actor was prolific in other genres as well. Notorious paired him with Ingrid Bergman under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock as two government agents who infiltrate a hideout during WWII.
The movie has a complicated romance plot when the leads fall in love in a mission where Bergman’s character is supposed to use her charms on an executive to complete the infiltration. Notorious is noted for the sublime performances and Hitchock’s directing abilities, as it remains a highly engrossing spy thriller that has viewers guessing where it’s all leading.
Another psychological thriller from Alfred Hitchcock, Vertigo is about a former police detective who’s hired as a private detective by a client wanting him to track down his erratic wife. The protagonist’s past demons that led to him developing a fear of heights and vertigo tie into the plot.
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While films in the genre are commonplace now, Vertigo took the world by storm at the time for being a genuinely scary thriller. Everything from the set design to the cinematography gives off a stifling atmosphere that enables viewers to feel the protagonist’s paranoia. Critics also loved the mystery behind who the villain is supposed to be until the twist ending.
While it might not be mainstream popular, Three Colors: Red actually falls under the greatest romance movies of the ‘90s. Moreover, it’s one of only two films (along with Fanny and Alexander) to garner perfect ratings on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.
The film details an unlikely friendship between a young woman and an old, retired judge, both of whom learn about the flawed love lives of the people in their neighborhood. It brings a different viewpoint to the romantic aspect usually seen in movies by blending love tropes with a realistic depiction of relationships.
The collaborations between director Richard Linklater and Ethan Hawke have produced some great movies. This one is an epic coming-of-age drama that spans 12 years in the life of Mason Evans, as he grows from the age of 6 to an 18-year-old about to head off to college.
It won numerous accolades at the time of its release for its real-time depiction of the actors’ ages since the movie was genuinely filmed over 12 years. Boyhood was lauded for its intimate portrayal of the challenges of youth and the way people are molded into adulthood, along with the difficulties of being a parent.
Quite possibly the greatest romantic drama to be made, Casablanca is an iconic film filled with memorable lead characters, well-known quotes, and the theme song that has its own fanbase. It’s about Humphrey Bogart’s Rick Blaine who owns a nightclub in Casablanca that he uses as a front to smuggle people to America during WWII.
The romance aspect comes from the return of Rick’s former flame and the conflict he feels in choosing to be with her or send her to America along with her husband. Casablanca will never fade from pop culture due to popular lines like “Here’s looking at you, kid,” and “We’ll always have Paris,” remaining so well-quoted.
One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous thrillers ranks among the very best films ever made, with Rear Window commanding a perfect score. The film is about an injured photographer who takes to watching his neighbors with his camera and happens to witness one killing his wife.
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Rear Window’s premise has been replicated numerous times ever since, although its quality is difficult to top. The movie is packed with thrills through Hitchock’s use of the confined space of the protagonist’s apartment, along with the cat-and-mouse chase between him and the antagonist to expose the latter’s crime.
It’s very common to hear of Citizen Kane’s name as the greatest film of all time, with Orson Welles’ debut containing a sprawling story of the titular character’s life. In the story, Charles Foster Kane dies uttering the word “Rosebud,” whose significance is then detailed when viewers follow his life’s journey.
It’s considered a landmark in storytelling by coming across as a character piece that develops its protagonist through the twists and turns in his life. Viewers go from being unaware of who Charles Foster Kane is to ultimately sympathizing with how his life and death turned out to be.
Vito Corleone is one of the most recognizable characters in film history, owing to the impact of The Godfather on cinema. The movie spans across a decade in the Corleone crime family, where Vito’s time as the godfather comes to an end and his son Michael takes over the reins.
Just about every scene in The Godfather is part of cinematic history, with fans of every generation enjoying its complex themes about family and loyalty. The soundtrack, character traits, and endlessly quotable dialogue make this a can’t-miss film, which makes it easy to understand why it has the top position among all Metacritic movie ratings.
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