“The 53 days I spent there seemed like hell to me”

Four months after the Hamas attack in Israel, which left 1,200 Israeli citizens murdered, at laSexta we were able to speak with Clara Marman, an Israeli woman kidnapped by Hamas who was released in November. Now, she fights for the release of the rest of the hostages.

I don’t feel totally liberated“, she acknowledges, explaining that, for her, her heart “is there.” She considers the more than 120 days that the Israeli hostages have been with Hamas “an eternity,” describing the 53 that she spent there like “hell”.

“Each day that passes, health deteriorates,” he laments. Now, she faces a stage in which she believes they have “a little hope” regarding the possible release of the rest of the Israeli hostages, something he considers “important.

Following their attack on Israel on October 7, Palestinian militias took at least 240 people held hostage in Gaza, of which 110 were releasedmost during a week-long lull in late November.

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