The accident of a tanker truck collapses the AP-7

The AP-7 highway He has once again turned this said into a veritable thief. L’tank truck accidentwhich caught fire, has forced the roads to be carved from the matí set at the height of Barberà del Valles. The questions have arrived at the twenty kilometers in the direction of Tarragona at midnight, tot i that cap to the morning debts have reobert ends to two lanes of circulation while the firefighters try to clear the area of ​​the accident. The retentions have been extended for up to 10 hours.

Five hours to remove the accident vehicle

In the north, traffic jams have reached 17 kilometers intermittently. The effects have also been transferred to other roads such as the B-23, C-58, and B-30 to the C-59 around Palau-solità and Plegamans (Barcelona) to the C-17 around Parets del Vallès ( Barcelona) with the links to the AP-7.

The truck driver has sortit il·lès After setting fire to his vehicle, and at the end of the day, his crews of Generalitat Firefighters have been deployed, who have advised to offset the damage caused by the accident at 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. Migdia have managed to remove it from the road.

The AP-7 mateixa will register withholdings from end to end 20 kilometers during the tornado operation from the Segona Pasqua bridge. Also during the sorted operation of divendres and disable, important retentions are going to occur which is going to repeat dimarts due to various accidents in Vilafranca i la Gornal. From Mitjana to this road there are 126 kilometers of traffic jams every week.

Possible measurements

One thing is that it is not two decades of the pandemic and that, with the turn to activity and especially, the elimination of pedestrians, it seems that they have increased. Given this situation of road collapse, the Generalitat has announced that it is taking measures to try to minimize the situation.

The holder of the Catalan execution, Patrícia Plajawill advance the possibility of prohibit the circulation of trucks during the weekend starting from the proper pont de Sant Joan. A measure that is not new, but that is already going to serve the September diumenges before the recorded congestion. The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has stressed the need to divert a considerable part of the goods that are transported through roads to alternatives to the railway network.

On the other hand, the Racc has raised the need for prohibit the advances of heavy vehicles During the busiest traffic hours and on the most sensitive trams, the increase in mobilization starts pedestrian traffic on the main highways with the AP-7. Remember that “the excess” of the esquerra lane It does not allow longer temperatures in the advances of trucks, nor does it represent an increase in safety, but rather it increases congestion.

The transporters threaten

Some proposals that people have not been pleased with the transporters, who believe that they are being unfairly assigned. Explain that from today onwards, they are obliged to circulate on the AP-7, and that, therefore, They are not to blame for the congestions which is close to the highway. Remember that in 2018 they will be forced to travel on the highway and so that it is free, they consider it unfair that they are forced to be disabled.

The transporters, pending the ability to circulate on the highway during the weekends

The president of the Transport and Logistics Association of Catalonia, Antonio Martínez, said that the Government’s proposal that trucks do not circulate on weekday buses on the AP-7 would not only harm truckers, but would also harm the economy. Martínez warned that 70% of exports come from the country through these routes and to atura-los the dissabte to Tarragona would mean arriving at the destination two days later. In this sense, he claims that there are alternatives to improve transit, such as more police controls to avoid bad driving behavioror special lanes for transporters.

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