The album of official wedding photos of Nicole Neumann and Manu Urcera

Nicole Neumann She lived one of the most important moments of her life when yesterday she officially became the wife of Manu Urcera. The couple, who had already gone through civil marriage, had a religious blessing so that their marriage would be very successful from now on.

As the hours passed, several details began to appear. One of the most important and the most anticipated by fans of Nicole and Urcera, are the wedding photos that were revealed.

In a white convertible car, driven by Manu and with Neumann as co-driver, they gave a very romantic touch to the situation because they had countless flowers in the back. In a top party that was marred with luxury everywhere, the situations that arose were different.

Once inside the vehicle, each protagonist went to their place and, while Urcera waited for his wife at the altar, everyone was speechless when they saw her enter hand in hand with her father. Bernd Unter Ruberbacher He traveled especially from Sweden, a country where he lives with his 21-year-old daughter Clara, the model’s half-sister.


With an immaculate suit and the emotion of living this moment with her, Bernd seemed very moved. Once he gave the bride’s hand to that of his son-in-law, there they both received the blessing of the priest Fabricio.

At a party that brought together 400 guests, everyone who attended left in the wee hours of the morning. A no minor detail about the religious ceremony that took place is that both decided to choose a priest well in advance.

Taking into account that Neumann is a person very attached to all energy issues and that they have to do with the soul, the model and Fabricio have had a very strong spiritual connection for a long time, which led her to want to have him present in one of the most important moments of your life.

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