The American measure that the FIA ​​wants to bring to F1 and that would revolutionize the classification format

The FIA ​​wants to end impunity for red flags in qualifying. To do this, the organization wants to bring to F1 a measure that is already used in, for example, IndyCar and that they want to test, to study whether it is viable or not, in Formula 2 and Formula 3.

As stated in ‘SoyMotor’, the FIA ​​is considering penalizing the driver who cause a red flag and annul the lap obtained in the classification, to prevent them from taking advantage of said situation.

In that sense, the pilot who causes a red flag will not be able to return to the classification, and they would erase his best time.

To give an example, in IndyCar not only is your best record erased but they are his two best laps those that are cancelled.

Will it mean less risk for the pilots?

This would represent a clear revolution in the classifications. First of all for the positions that are lost on the grid, in addition to the non-presence of said driver in the ‘qualy’ for the remainder of it. Secondly, whether it could mean that pilots take fewer risks to avoid having an accident that could leave them without a qualifying record. In Monaco the walls are very close…

In that sense, it remains to be seen how the FIA ​​would apply this measure, since there are not only red flags for accidents but also for mechanical breakdowns.

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