The autonomous transporters distance themselves from the 6F agricultural platform and call off their indefinite national strike


The indefinite national strike that the members of the National Platform for the Defense of Transportation approved in an assembly – by show of hands on the esplanade of the Metropolitan stadium in Madrid – lasted two days. In a statement released on their social media account on Monday night, the self-employed transporters and SMEs grouped in said group They have decided to reverse that decision and in this way not joining the agrarian platform 6F, with whom these mobilizations had been agreed last Saturday. During the next two days, Sunday and Monday, the decision had barely been noticed on the roads and the follow-up of this strike had been very scarce. The Platform has added that “in the next few hours” it will give “the corresponding statements and explanations.”

On Monday, there were already rumors that the decision to back down was going to be taken shortly due to the limited impact of the measure, but Manuel Hernández, president of the Platform, assured that their mobilizations were continuing, despite “fake news.” And he had added: “The strike remains active in all its aspects. In fact, today we are informing many colleagues who are going to unload their trucks and join this strike,” he said in a video published on social networks.

The group wanted to denounce the conditions of the sector just at the moment when farmers and ranchers had taken to the streets with their tractor units. The objective was to paralyze the country. With the help of Lola Guzmán, leader of the 6F agrarian platform, and from a platform, Manuel Hernández, assured the participants in the call on Saturday that while the transportation, agriculture and livestock sectors do not have minimum solutions, “they do not this strike will be lifted.”

It was the second time that this Platform called for an indefinite strike after then achieving In March 2022, roads throughout Spain will collapse, despite not having the support of the employers’ associations that bring together the large companies in the sector. So, it lasted 20 days and the Government sat down with its representatives.

The Spanish Confederation of Goods Transport (CETM) He did not support indefinite strike at any time and has opted for “dialogue and negotiation” with the Ministry of Transport and Mobility” to address the problems that threaten the sector” of road freight transport.

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