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If you fancy doing some sniping, The Outer Worlds has plenty of options.
The Outer Worlds gives you plenty of freedom to play how you want and tackle situations in the way you see fit. However, during a playthrough, there will likely be a time when you must start killing folks. In preparation for these occasions, you want the best weaponry available so you can be as effective as possible.
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If you prefer a long-range approach, a sniper is naturally your best bet. And it just so happens that the game is filled with a litany of excellent long-range rifles. This is a collection of the best with information on how to get them.
Not every sniper in the game is wacky and unique. The Hunting Rifle, for instance, is the type of weapon you see in all sorts of games. It's a wood and steel rifle with a long scope. Yet, it's still a good gun to have in your arsenal because it deals a significant amount of damage per shot.
There are three levels to this weapon, including the standard Hunting Rifle, Hunting Rifle Ultra, and Hunting Rifle Hyper. They all function similarly – the Ultra and Hyper versions just deal more damage than the original.
The standard Hunting Rifle can be acquired from the bodies of Marauder Scouts.
As for the Ultra and Hyper versions, you may be able to acquire them from a T&L Vending Machine, and various vendors sometimes sell them, too. But you must be at the right level for them to become available. For Ultra, you must be 17+, while for Hyper, your level needs to be at least 32 (DLC is needed to reach that number).
If you're lucky, you can also find them out in the wild, as loot is somewhat random. For instance, an Ultra Hunting Rifle is often in the Maintenance Tunnels under Byzantium, so check there.
Despite having the words 'assault rifle' in its name, the Dead-Eye guns are certainly snipers. And they're great snipers at that. They don't have the damage output of Hunting rifles, but they make up for it in speed.
These weapons fire quickly and have a very good DPS as a result. It makes them a viable choice in all types of combat. So, this weapon remains useful whether you're picking people off from a distance or partaking in a chaotic battle.
While not impossible, it's unlikely that you'll find Dead-Eye rifles just lying around. Belle's Shells on the Groundbreaker is a store that sometimes sells the level one and level two versions. They're also occasionally for sale at Forsythe Luxury Munitions in the Byzantium region. Plus, they can appear in the Bullets 'N Things vending machine.
The level three version is a lot more elusive. Your best bet for that one is to look around Eridanos as part of the Murder On Eridanos DLC.
Occasionally, semi-auto sniper rifles in games can be let down by their damage output. This is not the case with Pink Slip, which packs a decent punch for this type of weapon. As such, its damage per second is very impressive.
There's also a special element to this gun as it does extra damage to weak spots. This bonus can come in handy against the more monstrous of enemies.
To get the weapon, pay a visit to Forsythe Luxury Munitions, which is in the Prosperity Plaza of the Byzantium region. Winston Forsythe will have the gun for sale. It's pretty expensive, but if you're in the market for a strong semi-automatic rifle, it's worth the money.
As the weapon has 'fridge' in the name, you can guess what sort of damage it does.
Yes, it deals cold damage and allows you to lower the temperature of your opponents. So, it's a good choice for anyone that likes ice weapons. Its damage is very good, too, especially as it's a pretty fast-firing sniper.
The Frigidariator is under the platform directly between the Purpleberry Orchards and Grand Colonial Hotel. It's in a little underground storage room, on a table.
Based on its name, this weapon was designed to hunt humans. However, it's pretty much capable of killing anything, as this gun is a beast.
Per shot, it is the most powerful sniper in the game. It doesn't fire quickly, so the DPS isn't the best, but it isn't bad for this type of gun. Plus, you'll only need to land a few shots to kill pretty much anything.
You can find this weapon in the Musgrave Family Collection. It's inside a safe in the same room as the Gold Canid Revue trophy. You'll learn about the trophy during the Mostly Harmless quest.
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