The Court concludes that the explosion in a home in Valladolid where a woman died was an “accident”

The Court of Instruction number 1 of Valladolid has filed this Thursday the investigation into the gas explosion that occurred on August 1 at number 32 Goya Street of this Castilian-Leonese capital, in which a woman died, when it was proven that it was an “accident” and there were no signs of a crime.

According to the resolution issued by the Court and released this Thursday, the procedures carried out in the home, the 1st floor of the blockwhere the deceased woman lived, was detected in the home gas pipe a ‘T’ with one of the joints unwelded. As the report highlights, it was detected by the supply company in the deceased’s house, and the source of the leak produced a gas consumption of 52 cubic meters, when the average for that floor and the others with a contract was 2.5 cubic meters.

According to the investigation, the leak at that point is the origin of the explosion, given that “the gas flows at low pressure and is not easily detectable.” “It has not failed in years, but due to the installation of a new countertop it could have occurred the loss of tightness of the conduction”, now reflects the judicial resolution. From this moment, the writing continues, “it may be discussed whether there is responsibility of the supplierinstaller, maintenance company, on whom it was up to check the reviews or carry out the appropriate inspections”, but, in any case, “the etiology of the accident is accidental, not anything else.”

That is why the resolution emphasizes that “There are no signs of crime, without prejudice to possible civil liabilitiesto be dealt with in the civil jurisdiction”, for which reason it has decreed the provisional dismissal of the criminal proceedings. Regarding the cause of the deceased, the window of the right room was “displaced by the explosion to more than 80 meters away, which gives an idea of ​​its magnitude,” notes the resolution.

Finally, and in view of the content of the report on installation, renovation, maintenance, reviews, with possible non-criminal responsibilities, the Court has sent its testimony to the Department of Industry, Commerce and Employment of the Junta de Castilla y León, for its administrative action, and to the Valladolid City Council in relation to the premises of one of the basement of the building.

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