The Court gives Pedro Muñoz ten days to enter prison after being convicted of injuries and mistreatment of Raquel Díaz

The Court of León has decreed this Tuesday the entry into prison of the former councilor of Ponferrada (León) Pedro Muñoz, sentenced to 16 years and 11 months in prison for throwing his wife off the terrace of his house, causing injuries that they left her quadriplegicthus addressing the request made by the Prosecutor’s Office and the private accusations.

Both claimed this this Monday during the hearing held in the León Court to decide whether or not to commit the convicted person to prison until the appeals presented are resolved and the sentence is final, and they alleged that the victim lives “cloistered and terrified” knowing that his attacker is still free.

The former councilor was sentenced to almost 17 years in prison: 12 for a crime of aggravated injuries, with the aggravating circumstances of kinship and discrimination based on gender; 2 years and 5 months after the sum of sentences imposed for three crimes of family abuse (9 months for the first, 9 months for the second and 11 months for the third); and two and a half years for a crime of habitual family abuse.

Muñoz’s defense, which You have a period of 10 days to enter jailalleged that provisional detention “is not objectively necessary” and has indicated that there is a telematic control device and a protection order for the victim that Muñoz has complied with at all times.

Finally, the León Court has decided to commit him to prison and argues in the order that he has made public that “is proportional and it is necessary to agree to the provisional detention of the convicted person.” And he adds: “This without it being appreciated that this measure implies an infringement of any fundamental right and without, likewise, being able to estimate the rest of the reasons invoked by the defense since in the same situation that caused many other people who are serving society for the criminal offenses committed.

Regarding the risk of flight that the accusations used to base their request, the order specifies that “it is understandable if one takes into account the extreme importance of the custodial sentences imposed, almost seventeen years in prison, and without forgetting the need that exists to protect a victim who is in a situation of serious vulnerability precisely as a consequence of the acts committed by the accused”.

If he is on provisional release, he could be in danger“, highlights the order. This resolution is not final and an appeal may be filed against it within a period of five days before the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León (TSJCyL).

In the sentence by which he was sentenced, the magistrates described in detail a “toxic relationship“marked by”violent and intimidating behavior” of the former politician who physically and psychologically abused his partner from the beginning of their relationship, in which pushing, hitting, beating and humiliating were common. The sentence considered it proven that on May 27, 2020, after an argument, the convicted man tried end the life of the complainant by throwing her off the balcony into the void.

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