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Is the resignation of Luis Enrique Orozco from the interim governorship of Nuevo León a real victory for Samuel García? This is likely to be the case in the current context. García, who over the weekend was forced to resign from the Citizen Movement’s presidential candidacy after a last-minute intervention by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), could perhaps celebrate the events that occurred on Monday in the Congress of New Lion.

However, the certainty about whether this episode represents a triumph for the president of Nuevo León will be known in the coming days, when the SCJN rules again on the case. Until Monday, the president of Nuevo León, Samuel García, had not commented on the resignation of Luis Orozco nor on the approval that Congress made for him to formally return to his position.

In another unexpected turn, when it seemed that the PRI and the PAN in Nuevo León had managed to corner Samuel García, after knocking him out of the presidential race with the support of the highest court in the country, the opposition bloc surprisingly relented on Monday by accepting the resignation of Luis Enrique Orozco as interim governor of Nuevo León.

What could have influenced this withdrawal? It is possible that the statements on Monday morning by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador contributed to this decision when he spoke at the morning conference about the intervention of the SCJN so that Samuel García would leave the presidential race “They are capable of carrying out a coup d’état , because that would be like a dismissal for someone who was democratically elected,” said the president, who usually publicly supports Samuel García, despite the fact that they are active in rival parties.

“How far do they want to go, for example, if they don’t want to let him return? Let’s see that the Court says that he is already dismissed.” In Mexico, it is common for local politicians to avoid being ––for better or worse–– on a president’s radar because of his influence and power. But it is also possible that the instruction for the PRI and the PAN in Nuevo León to abandon this advantageous position against Samuel could have come from the war room of Xóchitl Gálvez, the presidential candidate of the Fuerza y ​​Corazón por México coalition.

During the last two weeks, from the beginning of Samuel’s presidential pre-campaign until the weekend, when he withdrew from the national race, Xóchitl Gálvez’s agenda was dominated by the issue of the emecista and his wife, the influencer Mariana Rodriguez. The prolongation of the conflict over the interim governorship in Nuevo León may have begun to have a negative impact on the measurements of the presidential candidate herself.

The return of Samuel García

What did the Congress of Nuevo León approve yesterday? First the resignation of Luis Enrique Orozco as interim governor. “I have decided, in the spirit of guaranteeing peace and governability in this State, to step aside and resign from the position of interim governor of Nuevo León,” Orozco declared in a press conference held in the legislative chamber.

Minutes after making it public, Orozco’s resignation was approved in fast track in the plenary session of the Congress of Nuevo León, which is dominated by the PRI and the PAN. The resolution of Congress is relevant: Contrary to what Samuel García has maintained publicly, for the Legislature there was an interim governor from the first minute of Saturday, December 2 until Monday at 2:20 p.m., when his resignation was approved.

“There is no such interim governor,” said García in a published video on their social networks minutes before Orozco’s resignation was announced in the local Congress. “I am in communication with Luis Orozco, I have already made him see that I resumed duties and that I did not use the license and that, therefore, there is no such interim governor.”

The issue of the license is precisely one of the main disagreements between the governor of Nuevo León and the deputies. While for Samuel García the license authorized by the Congress of Nuevo León was never used to compete in the presidential election, for the opposition deputies he did use it and he was separated from office.

So much so that when the State Congress authorized the document canceling the license of Samuel García to resume his functions as representative of the Executive Branch, Mauro Guerra, president of the board of directors, recognized “citizen García” as governor with license but not in functions.

In conclusion: as approved by the Congress of Nuevo León, Samuel García did not hold the position of acting governor during the weekend, which raises the possibility that García may have committed an alleged crime of usurpation of functions and, more seriously, in a possible contempt of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN).

What did Samuel García do this weekend? What an acting governor does. He had a meeting with state cabinet officials and led several events where he introduced himself as governor of Nuevo León, while Luis Orozco, the interim governor appointed by the State Congress, did the same.

We will know the verdict of this battle in the coming days when Minister Javier Laynez rules on whether or not Samuel García violated the law with the decree he signed to return to his duties as governor, despite the suspension granted on Friday night minutes before the night.

The political war will continue in Nuevo León

How to explain what has happened in Nuevo León in recent days without dying in confusion? It’s true. It is a difficult question to answer. How can you understand that during this weekend there were two governors at the same time responsible for the Executive Branch?

Without a doubt the answer is complex. How do you justify that a governor on leave has returned to office twice and then claimed that he was never absent? Something absurd but complicated. How can we make sense of the fact that the interim governor, appointed just a week ago and who took office in the first minutes of December 2, unexpectedly presented his resignation on Monday?

Nuevo León is a tremendous mess from any side you look at it. It is possible that Monday’s events in the State Congress will put an end to that somewhat embarrassing question for Monterrey residents. But it is also true that the political war between Samuel and his opponents will continue. There are no conditions and the context does not help for a truce.

On Sunday night, after Samuel García aired at an event a possible extortion by the leaders of the PRI and the PAN on the issue of the license, the former state prosecutor and former contender for the governorship of Nuevo León, the PRI member Adrián de la Garza. “If I am a prosecutor, I will prosecute all your crimes. “You are not governor of the State and you are usurping the functions of the Executive Branch,” he said.

After concluding the conflict over the license of Samuel and the interim governor, issues are coming up in Nuevo León that will surely strain relations between García and his opponents again, such as the budget for 2024, the appointment of the State Attorney General and the bells.

While the issue of the two governors seems to end in Nuevo León, in the streets the people of Monterrey continue to face the problems of daily reality such as security, lack of water and mobility. Just when the Congress of Nuevo León was preparing the resignation of Luis Enrique Orozco from the interim governorship, in the south of Monterrey a man was shot to death while he was eating some tacos.

The city of Monterrey woke up with poor air quality due to pollution levels and complaints from families about the water supply being cut off continue despite official promises. Although it is true that the situation of the two governors did not disrupt the daily life of the people of Monterrey, there were some effects. For example, the security table headed by the authorities of the three levels of Government every day was suspended on Monday.

The political crisis has generated confusion and discomfort among the people of New Leon who, despite everything, take the unusual situation with some humor. “Nuevo León has more governors than teams in the Liguilla,” was one of the memes that circulated the most on social networks, after the elimination of the Rayados del Monterrey and the advancement of the Tigres in the tournament.

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