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Before his role on The Crown, British actor Dominic West has been a detective, a Spartan, and more across several memorable projects.
With great attention having been placed on Prince (now King) Charles in Season 4 of The Crown, eyes are pointed at Dominic West, who takes over the mantle of the character for the next two seasons. Josh O'Connor performed exceptionally in the role previously, receiving the Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Drama Series.
The prestige series intends to carry on its immaculate reputation for acting talent by casting the veteran Dominic West. Having spent nearly three decades in the film industry, West has built a filmography of successful television and movie roles. He's most widely known for his role as the lead actor in The Wire, which is commonly considered one of the greatest shows ever made.
Dominic West played a supporting role in the series Stateless, a Netflix original in which he was cast alongside Yvonne Strahovski, Jai Courtney, and Cate Blanchett. The Australian production was well-reviewed, offering an intense drama about the difficulties of immigration.
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West portrays a manipulative cult leader alongside Cate Blanchett, who plays his wife and partner. The pair is involved with Strahovski's storyline, who plays a character escaping from their cult.
300 is a sword and sandal action flick that, whether loved or hated, is engrained in pop culture. The line "This is Sparta!" grew larger than the film itself, becoming a major meme. Not to mention, Zack Snyder's films have a large and dedicated following, and 300 is considered one of his biggest successes.
Dominic West plays a supporting role in the film as "Theron," a corrupt politician who has betrayed the Spartans. He plays a strikingly unlikeable antagonist with uncomfortable scenes. Luckily for viewers, West is so good at being evil that it feels very rewarding to see him killed by Lena Headey's Gorgo later in the film. West has often succeeded in roles that challenge the viewer to think. One of the biggest Reddit reactions to The Crownhas been about how his portrayal of Charles surprised them.
The classic novel by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables has been adapted multiple times into film, television series, and plays. The latest adaptation from BBC studios stars Dominic West alongside Lily Collins, as well as a number of other recognizable British character actors, including The Crown alumni.
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To avoid confusion with the 2013 adaptation with Hugh Jackman, it should be mentioned that the 2018 version is not a musical. Though Dominic West is strong in this dramatic role, he does not sing, nor does he have any songs in the musical Chicago, in which he had a supporting role.
For lovers of The Crown who enjoyed seeing West in a UK-based period piece, Pride offers an alternative option. Set in the '80s, the film tells the story of a group of LGBT activists during political unrest in the 1980s.
West plays a character vastly different from his Prince Charles, portraying Jonathan Blake, one of the earliest people in the UK to be diagnosed with HIV. Blake would later become a well-known activist in this time period.
To be the lead of one long-running, acclaimed TV drama is a major accomplishment for an actor. For a second to be successful shows a range and talent very few actors possess. The Affair on Showtime is a character-driven story heightened by the abilities of its majorly talented cast.
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The series offers an interesting premise, as it sorts episodes into multiple perspectives, similar to Rashomon or, more recently The Last Duel. Dominic West gives some of his strongest performances in one of his most nuanced roles.
Set in a 1950s newsroom, the series follows a number of intriguing plot lines, including a love triangle and murder mystery, and it also has plenty of commentary on the time's political climate. The show was celebrated for its writing, as well as having a deep cast of recognizable actors who would later appear in shows like Game of Thrones and The Crown.
For fans of series like The Morning Show or The Newsroom, The Hour is a quick watch with only 12 episodes and a must-see. Dominic West plays a major role in it as one of the lead anchors of the news network, allowing him to utilize his charm and wit to a great degree. West has a habit of picking shows with excellent writing, having already delivered some of the best Charles quotes in The Crown.
The Crown isn't the only Dominic West project to be released recently, as he also appeared in the WWII drama SAS Rogue Heroes, which started in October and is still ongoing. The series is written and produced by Peaky Blinders showrunner Steven Knight.
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The series boasts a strong cast including West in a supporting role as Lieutenant Colonel Wrangle Clarke. With only two episodes out, the series has been described as excellent television, which is to be expected from Steven Knight.
Given the usual types of roles Dominic West plays, Brassic is a much more comedic addition to his filmography. The series is known for its dark humor, and while Dominic West hasn't done much comedy in his career, he definitely knows how to be funny.
As a supporting character, West plays the lead's practitioner, which causes an interesting relationship to develop. For fans of West's humor and sarcasm in his various roles, Brassic allows him to fully develop his comedic chops. While it may not be as funny as Brassic, The Crown has had a ton of funny memes about Season 5 as well.
With four excellent seasons under its belt, the lower reviews for the latest season were a shock to many fans of the show. With The Crown Season 5 having such a talented cast, hopes were incredibly high for the next installment of Queen Elizabeth's life.
Many of the lower reviews believed the season leaned too deeply into the melodrama of the Royal Family. While it may not be for everyone, it did give Dominic West a chance to dive deep into the conflicts of Charles, and he delivers a serious performance as the Prince.
For good reason, The Wire is considered one of the most well-made shows of all time and continues to resonate with new audiences. The show was way ahead of its time in terms of its handling of social issues, LGBTQ+ characters, and large, diverse cast.
Dominic West plays Jimmy McNulty, a detective willing to bend rules in great or small amounts in order to complete his cases. Though West is the lead of the show, The Wire isn't always crafted like traditional TV, and the series has stretches of episodes that barely see him. When he is on-screen, McNulty is complex, witty, and very charming.
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