The death of Silvina Luna: they revealed what illegal products Aníbal Lotocki injected into her

This Thursday, on the air of LAM (America)Angel de Brito revealed until now unknown details of the autopsy on the body of Silvina Luna.

The driver began by saying: “A countless number of chemical elements were found mixed with silicones and a sulfur glue. “All illegal, used for fillers, but the quantities used in his body were lethal.”

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Lotocki knew perfectly well the damage these materials caused.“Not with Silvina, but since she started installing it,” he stated.

Likewise, he indicated that the surgeon injected him “acrylic microsphereswhich are what cause these problems eight or ten years later.”

“Regarding Silvina, they tell me that this product They found it on the body in the tail, calves, knees, intercostals, pectorals, abdomen, hips and thighs“added the entertainment journalist.

Roberto Casorla, lawyer for Raphael Dufort, the doctor’s complainant, explained in detail what material the former participant of The Hotel of the Famous had in her body: “It is polymethylmethacrylate, which are these acrylics, but for industrial use, that is why she bought it very cheap. . One of the main witnesses worked with him and said that he came in bulkin five kilo bags.”

Lotocki sold his mansion in Olivos to move to a country house (Photo: Telenoche capture)

It was ground acrylic and they mixed it with glue. which is called arginate, and many times with polydimethylsiloxane, which is silicone,” the lawyer added.

The particular reaction of Silvina Luna’s brother when he discovered that Lotocki was disqualified for 10 years

Once the National Court of Criminal Cassation doubled the surgeon’s prison sentence Aníbal Lotocki and disqualified him from practicing medicine for the next 10 years, the lawyer Fernando Burlando spoke about it. He highlighted that Although he supports the latest ruling, he regrets that Silvina Luna I can’t experience this moment. However, the lawyer gave details of the reaction of the actress’s brother upon hearing the news.

“I was talking for a little while, very briefly, with Ezequiel yesterday and He asked me ‘Fernando, is this a joke?’ when the media started reporting the news and he sent me a little message,” he said.

Ezequiel gave details of the autopsy on his sister’s body (Photo: Movilpress-Instagram/silvinalunaoficial)

Despite the progress in the case, Burlando made a reservation by clarifying that These sentences were imposed when judging the injuries of the victims, but there is still no progress on the cases where there was death, as happened with Silvina and Cristian Zárate. In fact, he commented that one of Lotocki’s victims, Gabriela Trenchi, is very indignant: “It was thought that condemning him would provide an answer, but that is not the case, Justice has to do things and call things by their name.” ”.

At the moment, The lawyer represents the interests of Ezequiel Luna, who expressed several weeks ago his intention to continue his legal battle against the doctor. Also, the young man proposes fulfilling some wishes that the model expressed in life, such as the dissemination of a documentary that recorded her hospitalization process until her last days.

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