The DGT will create a driving license for 16-year-olds

Minors from 16 years of age may have a B1 driving license.. This new license will be issued for electric vehicles with a maximum speed of 90 kilometers per hour and a maximum weight of 400 kilograms.

This was explained by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in the presentation of the Road Safety Strategy 2030 this Thursday from the headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) in Madrid.

This type of permit is already in application in countries like France “with good results” and will improve the mobility of young people who live in rural areas, which will also facilitate equal conditions.

Likewise, the 2030 Road Safety Strategy provides for another series of action measures to reduce by 50% the number of people killed and seriously injured in road accidents compared to 2019 figures.

In his speech, the minister pointed out that the strategy is articulated around nine large strategic areas which, in turn, are deployed in 62 lines of action that will be defined in the successive biannual plans. Furthermore, he has highlighted the relevance of the biennial plan mechanism because it specifies the measures to be executed in each period.

Mobility will reach the school curriculum and psychophysical tests will be updated

Among them, the incorporation of thesafe and sustainable mobility education in the school curriculum progressively starting from the next course and the new psychophysical tests. This type of aptitude tests in driver medical examination centers has remained unchanged since 2007.

In addition, the title of Higher Technician in safe and sustainable mobility for Vocational Training already created by the Ministry of Education.

Another initiative will be promote exams with automatic switching in passenger cars, therefore, “currently, 98 percent of driving tests are carried out in vehicles with manual transmission.”

“We will modify the Driver Regulations to promote and facilitate the use of vehicles with automatic gearboxes in order to familiarize new drivers with electric vehicles,” he stressed.

Mandatory use of the airbag for motorcycle driving tests

An important measure announced by the head of the Interior portfolio is theMandatory use of airbags for motorcycle driving tests in driving exams for permit A, that is, high displacement motorcycles.

“We are committed to promoting airbags for high-displacement motorcycle riders because it represents a step forward in their protection,” he stressed.

At this point, Grande-Marlaska has stated that, after the corresponding market prospecting process, “shortly” they will put out to tender the general acquisition of airbags for the agents of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard.

Regarding the Safe and Efficient Driving courses for motorcycles and passenger cars, included in the Traffic Law as an instrument that will allow drivers to recover two points of their balance if they carry them out, the Ministerial Order that develops them is scheduled for the end of this year.

Grande-Marlaska has confessed that The work ahead is “overwhelming”, but at the same time “stimulating”. “We are going to help Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to launch their low-emission zones before the end of the year. We are going to order the use of Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP), through the reform of the Regulation of Circulation for the protection of vulnerable users and we will regulate mandatory civil liability insurance,” he said.

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