the emotional video of Honda with a very emotional Marc in his goodbye

Marc Márquez has spent a lot of time at Honda. A whole life, directly. A life in which he has won eight world titles. A life that continues. Which continues with the paths of the Japanese team and those of the Catalan driver separating. The Japanese, with Luca Marini; that of Cervera, to the Ducati of the Gresini team.

So it was time for a farewell worthy of the great champion that remains in the category. One of the best of all time. The one who put Honda at a higher level in motorcycling. Intense week. Emotional week. Week in which Marc was more than excited about what it meant to say goodbye to his house.

Because Valencia was what it was. Because it was clear that it was going to be intense. Proof of this was the podium in the sprint. Proof of this is the video that Honda has uploaded to its social networks.

It is the first part of a series, in which we already see Márquez unable to contain his tears, just as what happened to him when he arrived at his box after falling due to an action with Jorge Martín.

Hugs and applause are seen and heard in this Honda video. In this first Honda video to say goodbye to one of the great champions of motorcycling.

Now it’s a new stage with Ducati. In Gresini, with his brother. The objective, to enjoy riding a motorcycle again and, of course, gain. Win again.

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