The English Federation accuses Luis Rubiales of “kissing”, “caressing” and “grabbing” his players

At the same time that they have transcended the three reasons why FIFA has disqualified for any activity related to football Luis Rubiales During the next three years, the testimony of Debbie Hewittpresident of the FA.

The leader of the English Federation was with the former president of the RFEF at the medal ceremony at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand and has testified as a witness before FIFA.

In his appearance, he indicated that Rubiales was “unpleasant and unnecessarily aggressive” with the workers of the governing body.

In addition, Hewitt has reported that he “caressed” Laura Coombs’ face and “apparently forcibly kissed” Lucy Bronze.

He states that Rubiales “he grabbed very hard”to some “he caressed their backs”“grabbed them by the arm” and “lifted them off the ground.”

“This made me very uncomfortable and embarrassed”added the president, who has obtained in response from the former president an accusation of “having prejudices” against him.

“Applying the same logic, their hugs could also be understood as non-consensual physical contact. The hypocrisy is evident“Rubiales justified.

After FIFA issued its reasons, now the former president of the RFEF You can go to the Appeal Committee to reduce the sanction of three years away from football.

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