The ERC counselor places the rest of the autonomous communities in the Fiscal Policy Council because “she is already negotiating a unique financing for Catalonia” with Pedro Sánchez


The Generalitat argues that in the forum of the Government and the communities “nothing is debated or negotiated”

The Catalan president
The Catalan president, Pere Aragons, and the counselor Natlia Mas.A. CARBONELL
  • Catalonia The Parliament estimates the Catalan “historical debt” at 456,000 million euros
  • Politics ERC asks that Catalua collect all its taxes until it achieves independence

The Generalitat wants to deal exclusively with the Government of Pedro Sánchez the financing of Catalonia and not in the forums in which the rest of the autonomous communities participate.

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Natlia Masdo not go to Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF) that meets this Monday in Madrid and send, in its place, the secretary general of the department, Josep Maria Vilarrbiaand the general director of Budgets, Esther Pallarols.

The counselor argues that “it is a meeting where information is transmitted, but nothing is debated or negotiated, since the State always has the absolute majority of voting rights.” In addition, Economy sources recall, “the Generalitat already has a negotiation open to obtain a singular financing for Catalonia”.

Government absences

This will not be the first time that the Government is absent from the CPFF. For several years, the procs It served as an excuse for the Catalan seat on the Council to be occupied by a second-rank representative or even remain empty. In fact, the current counselor even attended those meetings when she was today’s Secretary of Public Finance. president Pere Aragons during his time as vice president and advisor of the Economy and Treasury (between 2018 and 2021).

Since the presence of Oriol Junqueras At the December 2016 CPFF, more than four years passed before the return of a counselor to the conclave of the Government and the autonomous regions, with the presence in July 2021 of the former director of La Caixa Jaume Gir (Together) as holder of the Economy portfolio.

The Generalitat, furthermore, has no intention of playing a leading role in the reform of the autonomous financing system, which has expired for ten years. “We will not go hand in hand with Isabel Diaz Ayuso nor of Emiliano Garca-Page to think about a global system for all communities,” Aragons warned just after the elections of 23-Jwhose results left Sánchez at the mercy of the pro-independence parties.

The “improvement of Catalonia’s financing” was one of the points agreed upon by the PSOE with the Republican Left in the pact to facilitate the re-election of its general secretary as president of the Government. The Republicans had placed this issue in the electoral campaign as one of their conditions for voting in favor of the investiture of Sánchez. Specifically, ERC demanded “to end the fiscal deficit that Catalonia has suffered for decades” and that in the last year reached 22,000 million euros, according to the calculations of the Generalitat.

Socialists and Republicans agreed to establish in the first quarter of 2024 a bilateral commission of the Government and the Generalitat to address “adequate financing that guarantees the financial sufficiency of public services in Catalonia.”

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