The Esland Awards show the good health of the world of streaming in Spanish with a great party in Mexico

The large crowd of people gathered at the doors of the Mexico City Auditorium gave a clue to what was going to happen this Sunday inside. On a blue carpet, reminiscent of the red one that stars at events such as the Oscars, the most influential Spanish-speaking content creators of the year paraded, according to 2.5 million votes from internet users and a jury made up of other creators. The second edition of the Esland Awards, organized by the youtuber Spanish David Cánovas, better known as TheGrefg, have shown the consolidation of the phenomenon of stream Spanish-speaking – live content developed through platforms such as Twitch or YouTube – in a gala followed by 10,000 people live and by thousands more online.

The Gregfg at the Esland Awards presentation.
The Gregfg at the Esland Awards presentation.AGGI GARDUÑO

“What is this guys, what is happening?!” were the first words that TheGrefg spoke to an audience in front of which there was not a free chair left. A dedicated audience throughout the gala received the words of the youtuber with cries of support. Before entering the theater, the creators who have paraded on the carpet have observed how, with just a gesture, the tide of screams filled the surroundings of the place. Greetings from creators such as the Colombian Juan Guarnizo, the Spanish Ibai Llanos, the Mexican El Mariana (whose real name is Osvaldo Palacio) or the Mexican Rivers (Samy Rivera) have caused a notable clamor. The young public has surrounded the parade from the bars and stood on the shoulders of other people and there were even those who went up to the third level of the capital’s events center to see it.

With this gala, Mexico has surpassed the success that the previous year’s event had. “Crazy”, “impressive” were the most repeated expressions among those creators and artists who paraded along the carpet and who, excited, could not stop turning their heads from left to right, almost without believing the great mobilization.

Dario Eme Hace and Mr Cheeto on the blue carpet of the awards.
Dario Eme Hace and Mr Cheeto on the blue carpet of the awards.AGGI GARDUÑO

During the gala, the Spanish Lola Índigo and the Puerto Rican Jhay Cortez, among others, have performed, taking the show one step further. Before entering the Auditorium, Indigo said that the event caught her by surprise and that she did not know exactly what it was about. “When I saw all these people I thought: ‘Where have I gotten myself?’ TheGrefg wanted a fucking show and that’s what we’re going for,” she explained to this newspaper. For his part, Cortez echoed the large number of young people who have come to the place. “For me it is a pleasure and an honor to be part of an event as big as this. It’s very nice to see so much youth. They had told me that a lot of people were coming, but I didn’t expect so many,” he stated before entering the emblematic space in Mexico City.

Jhay Cortez greets his followers on the blue carpet at the Esland Awards.
Jhay Cortez greets his followers on the blue carpet at the Esland Awards.AGGI GARDUÑO

The awards were divided into 17 categories and the finalists have been chosen by the votes of the users and by the streamers most relevant from the previous year. The event’s awards have ranged from “best clips of the year” (given to sports journalist Gerard Romero), to “the best streamer of the year” (revalidated by Ibai Llanos). Additionally, during this second gala, a new award was created, the honorary Esland for best career, which was awarded to the Chilean creator Germán Garmendia (HolaSoyGermán), who began his career in 2006.

The figures that Twitch moves reflect the popularity of this platform. According to the company’s own data, 31 million users visit the website daily; The average number of users circulating “at any time” on the web amounts to 2.5 million; and around eight million unique creators make content every month.

“Cinema has the Oscars, music has the Grammys and content creation has the Eslands,” is the phrase that the organizers highlighted months before and tried to show the relevance of these platforms. “Today we filled the National Auditorium,” The Grefg noted proudly.

Kidi on the blue carpet at the awards.
Kidi on the blue carpet at the awards. AGGI GARDUÑO


Best streamer of the year: Ibai Llanos

Best Newcomer Streamer: Spreen

Vtuber of the year: Zilverk

IRL Streamer of the Year: Kidi

Best Miniseries: Squid Games Minecraft

Best content series: Challenge 2

Event of the year: The evening of the year II

Best Talk Show: The Wild Project

Best clip: Gerard Romero

Best Anger: Luzu

Best fail: Manute – There goes my burst

eSports Player of the Year: Jelty

Caster of the year: Vicky Palami

Best news coverage: Gerard Romero

Roleplayer of the year: JuanSGuarnizo

Song of the year: Robleis

Dance of the year: Race

Honorary Esland for best career: HolaSoyGermán

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