The first photos of Nicole Neumann with her pregnant belly were revealed

The couple with Pollo Alvarez and Tefi Russo

The crush was immediate and they barely crossed paths, Nicole Neumann and Manuel Urcera They understood that attraction they felt towards each other, it was not something common. They soon began to travel together, the model introduced her new boyfriend to her daughters. Indiana, Allegra and Siena and they joined a family. Then would come coexistence, wedding plans and the desire to expand the family. Thus, together they crossed off each of the items they proposed and although not everything was a bed of roses and they had to go through adversity, the couple became stronger.

First would come the civil union, on November 8 Nicole and Urcera got married through an intimate ceremony that they organized at the exclusive Bodega Malma, located in San Patricio del Chañar, about 55 kilometers from Neuquén. Through a post they published simultaneously on their respective Instagram accounts, the couple published only seven photos from the party. They had the same reservation on the night of Friday, December 8, a month later, when they decided to celebrate with a big party.

In one of the wardrobe fittings prior to the wedding, adjusting the dress to the changes in the body

Under a strict security protocol and with the express request to all guests to enter without cell phones, there are few images that could be seen of both the ceremony and the party that was held in an exclusive room at Exaltación de la Cruz. But without a doubt, the big news of the night would come during the ceremony, when The couple announced that they will finally be able to fulfill their dream of expanding their family.. So the expectation to see the model with a pregnant belly grew as the hours went by.

As some guests later commented, both Nicole and Manu read their intentions at the altar and the priest was in charge of announcing the model’s pregnancy, to finish moving everyone present. “All of you put together the manger today, they too”said the priest. The couple looked at each other knowingly when they heard the reference to the date on which the Christmas ritual is fulfilled.

Her three daughters already knew the news, because although Nicole wanted to keep the secret to surprise everyone on her wedding day, they say she was nauseated and rested, so she had to tell them the news. In this way, the girls will have a new little brother, since in the blended family we also have to count Lukefruit of his father’s relationship Fabian Cubero with Mica Viciconte.

Ángel De Brito shared a photo of Nicole in which you can see her three-month-old belly (Instagram)

During the editing of THE M of Friday, Yanina Latorre He told details of the brand new news and expanded on that point: “The girls had to start bleaching because they started to feel bad with nausea and complete rest. They are very happy, they took it great and so did his parents.”.

In one of the images that the model shared, you can also see her budding belly.

Then he referred to the long search of the model and her partner to expand their family. “He did not do any treatment, it was natural and he is 12 weeks. She has been looking for a baby with him for a year. She never went to do anything with any doctor,” commented the panelist after it was rumored that the model had conceived through artificial insemination.

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