The gesture of Paula Chaves that rekindled her war with Zaira Nara: “The wrong godmother”

2023 left strong fights in the entertainment world and two figures who distanced themselves due to irreconcilable differences are Paula Chaves and Zaira Nara. As a result of the affair of the sister of Wanda with Facu Pieresthe ex of whom she was her friend, completely ruined their relationship.

Zaira and Paula were intimate in their bond to the point that Zaira’s wife Pedro Alfonso He even chose the model as his daughter’s godmother Filipa. But the fact that she began a relationship with the polo player completely unnerved the driver.

Not because Nara didn’t tell him from the beginning (Ndr: Paula finds out on television), but because Chaves was about to marry Pieres and things ended very badly. As the girl lost all contact with the athlete’s partner, she began to cling to other people.

Before the occurrence Wandagateboth media outlets had an established group of friends in which the China Suarez and Mery del Cerro. With Eugenia out of that friendship for obvious reasons, the former member of Almost angels.


Today Mery is a good friend of Zaira but also of Paula. That is why this weekend Peter’s wife took her little Filipa to visit the actress, because she is also very close to her two daughters, Mila and Cala.

I took her as a surprise to see her favorite person in the world.“said Chaves’ message. As this publication gained importance, it reached some colleagues who shared strong reflections and that indirectly involved Zaira.

The one who decided to repost Chaves’ image was Pochi of Gossipeame. The journalist from NET TV He released a crude comment that reflected the thoughts of many of Paula’s followers: “When you feel like you chose the wrong godmother.”

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