The great decisions of Nadia Calviño in her five years as Minister of Economy and Vice President of the Government

Nadia Calvino She says goodbye to the Government of Pedro Sánchez after five years in which she arrived as a minister and leaves as also first vice president. Throughout these years, Calviño had several notable moments, leading the country’s economic policy with two important crises such as the coronavirus and the war in Ukraine.

In the pandemic, mobilized more than 200,000 million euros for vulnerable families, companies or workers, playing a key role in the European Recovery Plan, which has had Spain as a reference as it is the first country to receive payments from that plan. In addition, it has approved the merger of two banking giants such as Bankia and Caixabank.

Calviño’s more technical profile has caused misgivings among the partners of the coalition government, with whom he has had numerous loud clashes, especially with Yolanda Díaz, the last being the debate about a possible cut in the unemployment benefit.

The truth is that Calviño has always been one of Pedro Sánchez’s ‘regulars’ and one of the profiles in which he has placed the greatest trust. Over the years, this more technical profile has evolved towards a more political onecoming to clash with Vox in the Congress of Deputies on numerous occasions.

Now, Calviño will return to the European institutions, where he left in 2018 to be a minister of the Government of Spain.

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