The hair tricks of María Baras and Cheska Martínez, film hairdressers for more than half a century


Cheska is one of the most traditional salons in the capital. Founded by the mother in 1970, when there were hardly any women in the sector, today it is directed by the daughter, an expert in a total change

Cheska has earned the prestige and trust of clients thanks to Mar's impeccable work.
Cheska has earned the prestige and trust of clients thanks to the impeccable work of Mara Baras (left) and Cheska Martínez.EM
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I was born in a family where hair care It was basic. “My mother is Cheska Martínez. We are three girls and a brother and since we were little we have grown up with her taste for aesthetics,” says María Baras in ‘the famous hairdresser’, where, precisely, we find her unmistakable blonde hair being combed. singer Martha Sanchezlike another client, when doing this interview.

The salon, a legendary one founded in 1970 in Madrid and located on Velázquez Street, is named after its mother. Back then there were hardly any women at the helm, it was mostly men trained in Paris. Actresses such as Penelope Cruz and models of the likes of Linda Evangelista. This Art Historian has picked up the baton, or the scissors, of an eminence in the hair world after half a century of profession.


“I studied hairdressing in London and worked there for four years before returning to my salon.” He has been here for the last 20 years until assuming artistic direction. “I am a lucky because I love my job“.

The best thing is day by day defining the look of the person who walks through the door, whether celebrity or a lady of a lifetime. “I do very special cuts and hairstyles, for bridal or party events.” Perhaps the least attractive thing for an artistic profile is management. “We are a team of 23 people and we work hand in hand. I do a lot of training but invoices are what I like least because it takes up a lot of time. In high season there is not even a break. “I do a lot testing, testing new products, innovative techniques, I take courses… That is essential to continue growing. It’s important to be able to transmit it later.”


It is a very traditional and familiar but in these 53 years it has evolved in an incredible way. “We only have one and we put all our energy into it. My mother was a pioneer in look for the most natural to protect the scalp, avoiding chemicals because we are a family with very complicated atypical skin.

Today, mud or color baths without ammonia are very fashionable, but not when Cheska did it. “We have been doing bleaching for 25 years with the tones we like, always premiumbut zero aggressive“. Social networks are the center of their communication. Before their showcase was more the world of fashion, with which they continue to collaborate. “People love to know what trends there are, the before and after… This window tells us It allows us to receive clients from all over with the change they want very clear. “Before they brought you a photo from a magazine, now with Instagram.”


They try to teach each person how they can do maintenance at home. “Are famous for tricks what we give This touch with your fingers, or this way of drying it so that it looks divine.” Baras believes that for an optimal color result a professional is necessary, as demonstrated by the hair drama of confinement. “We have always been valued but the reunion was magical. They give us a lot of love. But I understand that if you have gray hair every 10 days, you should keep it at home and I also explain how to do it.”

This winter they wear layers: “Hair in movement and volume, very nineties and with bangs, they are back to stay.” Medium hair, at the height of the collarbone, is also a triumph, like the socialite Olivia Palermo. “We have done it to Nieves Alvarezvery straight, at neck height. “As for colors, they ask for warm ones with brightness.”Beigevanilla and butter blonde or chocolatey copper for chestnuts”. Recently, they have incorporated into their extensive selection of services a revolutionary protein treatment perfect for winter.


Dealing with VIPs is a challenge. “We work with film projects and these production companies look for looks concrete elements to create characters.” His mother already worked as a hairdresser for Almodvar 40 years ago, characterizing through hair. “We work for series with actresses or they ask us for a new image to influencers who are looking for a radical change, and in that the hair is very important.” Mara Baras can create a hard or sweet image, “being pretty and feeling identified.” Without any pressure. “I am an expert in this type of work and I can say it. forcefully. I make life easier with an appropriate cut so that don’t fight with the dryer and save time.”

Mother and daughter are in favor of healthy, shiny hair. “To show off beautiful hair you must have a cut appropriate to your hair texture and a light color that does not turn you into a slave. In addition, the hairdresser’s role is to advise you well so that you can take care of it at home.” There are no strict rules. “There are women who wash their hair every day because they are oily, or because they go to the gym like me and nothing happens. They are false myths. You simply have to find the right products.” They are not friends with daily ironing. “You have to dry it as little as possible to avoid damaging it. If you do it every day you’re going to ruin it.” With a few gestures, “a good conditioner and shampoo you can keep wonderful hair.”

  • Cheska is at Velázquez, 61
  • Mythical salon creating style
  • Founded in the 70s
  • Easy to handle cutting
  • Custom color
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