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Every single time a we wrap up a stage of a franchise, it hurts. It physically and emotionally hurts, because we know that it will be a long time, if ever, that we get more. And not getting more doesn’t feel like something that we should settle for when we love something.
We’re on the third part of the second installment of the franchise and while at first, we were a little taken a back, we have to admit that by the end, we’ve learned – always trust that with these movies, there is a vision and that vision will come together.
Tracy and her husband Nick live very New York life. The two are constantly working and are like ships passing in the night. They leave each other post it notes everywhere with cute little messages. Nick brings her leftovers from the restaurant for meals. But they don’t see each other.
And they’re a little okay with that, because they know it’s how life is. Do they miss each other? Sure. But it doesn’t really take the most important place in their lives, because they are just used to it. I guess that’s the scariest part – when you love someone and you become content in whatever it is versus working on it.
It’s a weekend with Avery and Emma that makes her realize that she needs to talk to Nick and they need to plan their honeymoon. For as cold and distant as Tracy seems to seem at times, she really does want nothing more than to live her best life with her hubby.
So as the two decide that they are going to make time for themselves and legit spin a globe to figure out where they are going to go. Deciding that they aren’t going to work, they settle on Greece. Nick comes up with the stupid idea to not plan and play it by ear.
Just hearing it be said, I had anxiety. Not plan ahead? Was he high? Let me just say it – if you aren’t in a movie and you are going on vacation – you better plan everything. Like we don’t play with the possibility of not having a hotel to sleep in.
But it works out for the two, as someone overhears them needing a place and having little to no recourse, they head to another island to stay at a hotel. It’s run by a brother and sister. The brother is the cook and lets just say he sucks at cooking.
We know that there’s going to be a secondary storyline where the veil is involved. It will be with the two people from England that end up joining them there. We love a good British accent and hey, when we find out they’re related to some pretty famous names, there is that. But we’ll get there.
Tracy has not been our favorite character, but it’s because she felt more like a machine than a human being. We needed to get to feel like she and Nick were these human beings who were about more than a job.
And Greece does that for them. We meet a little boy named Leo, an artist at heart, who is taken with Tracy. He’s a little hustler, drawing photos for people. We’re not sure why at first or even if it matters. Yet you don’t ask the veil to give you answers up front, it does it all for you at it’s own time.
The moment that we guessed that Leo was an orphan was the moment he gave Tracy a picture of a boy and his Mom sitting on the docks watching the sunset. It’s such a personal picture, that seeing it, you just know.
Leo’s art remains a big part of this story line. His headmaster takes Tracy to town when she buys him an art set and he thinks that Leo stole it. Nick had tried to warn her not to do it,. but that’s part of what bugged me. Like why? Why he is he so cold and distant to the idea of his wife wanting to be there for others.
We get that he’s made it clear that he’s not really the parent type – but we think that in life, things change. As the two experience Greece – the veil is working its magic finding Tessa love with the Englishman Colin. Colin’s Grandma, Lady Dalton, is kind of quiet British scary.
Tracy and Nick learn more and more about Leo, but in the process learn more about themselves. There – of course – is the visit from Avery and Emma crashing the honeymoon. See, the thing about their friendship is that it makes you believe in friendships again. You want to believe and trust that you can have friendships that strong and that influential in your life.
And maybe that’s part of the reason that we love these movies. The three of them are supportive. They are completely different and yet so much the same.
It’s the push that the three of them give each other that makes them see things differently. It’s the push that these three give each other that pushes them to be better people.
Tracy asks them for help with finding Leo a good art school, and the one that Peter (Avery’s hubby) helps them find is in New York. This makes Tracy want to bring Leo back to NY, but Nick isn’t for it. Now, you want to like Nick, we want to like Nick, but we’re definitely not loving the way that he’s acting.
The issue that we have with this part of the franchise, is that he makes Tracy feel bad and say okay fine, they won’t bring Leo back. It’s when he puts Tracy through that, that he decides that he wants to adopt Leo too.
The question is – how are they going to pay for this? Well, Lady Dalton overhears a conversation and she decides that she’s going to let Tracy auction off the letters from her family (you know royal people) to pay for it.
It’s seeing Tracy, Nick, and Leo come together as a family, Tessa and Colin fall in love, and well – all the Avery, Emma, and Tracy’s moments that make this movie special.
For us – Avery, Emma, and Tracy’s future seems so unwritten to us. We’re angling for a The Wedding Veil: The Christmas Journey. Yes, we have a title for it because in our heads we have an idea of what it could be about. The Wedding Veil franchise has all sorts of different ways that it can go for us, but we do know this, whatever happens, we’d be glad to watch.
Works too hard. Plays too little. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Head Bitch In Charge.
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