The hidden past of Daniela Ballester, the new and controversial journalist girlfriend of Daniel Osvaldo

Daniela Ballester gained popularity for becoming a finalist in the first edition of Big Brother, in Argentina. And just over two decades later, one of the best-known drivers of C5N. Separated more than a year ago after a long relationship, with a young son, she is now dating the former soccer player Daniel Osvaldolast couple of Gianinna Maradona.

Daniela’s face became known on TV for being locked up in her house for 100 days. G.H. in an edition that was an absolute success in terms of audience and similar impact to that of the last edition of the reality show. That allowed him to reach the last day of the program and for his name and surname to resonate everywhere.

Even the other teammates with whom Ballester managed to reach the grand final are also well-known names in the industry today, each one for different reasons. Marcelo Corazzawho is still involved in a case investigating child abuse, GAston Trezeguet, panelist of the last edition and Tamara Paganini, who knew how to act in theater and, every now and then, is invited to a TV cycle.

At the end of the television show experience, Daniela decided to study and prepare for Magir’s career in investigative journalism and broadcasting. She is active on her social networks, especially on her account. instagram and of Tik Tok, every afternoon he is in charge of the news C5N, where he shares news with all viewers.


Those who were eyewitnesses assure that Daniela and Daniel are fully enjoying the first stage of their romance and that the kisses they give in public impact more than one. In the last few hours, they were seen together in the Palermo area and the love between them was “bubbling out of the pores.”

They say that even seeing the host and the current singer together for the first time generated a true revolution in the neighborhood due to how passionate the lovers were, in the sight of locals and strangers. Long live love.

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