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The ICT 100: Wichita's Best Restaurants
It’s that time to start a new tradition and one that shines a light on Wichita’s Best Restaurants. Whether it’s hole in the walls tucked away in the most obscure part of town, long-time classics or new additions to our dining scene, I wanted to put together something that gave diners, restaurants owners and anybody who is in the industry a reason to celebrate.
Welcome to The ICT 100. It’s a project I’ve been working on with a collection of other food bloggers around town. The goal was to celebrate the culinary work that is in Wichita.
At first, I was going to make the list based off my own experiences, as I’ve eaten at every restaurant at the time the list was put together. At the same time, I wanted to involve the input of many fellow food bloggers who support our local dining scene; many of whom I have met once or never before. After some thought, I chose the latter because I felt the need to make sure the list was inclusive of multiple opinions, and who doesn’t love a good local collaboration?
I pulled together a panel that included Just Try It, Significantly Spicy, Fert the Foodie, ICT Broke Girls, No Need For Silverware, Live Local ICT, Jen with the Coffee, JustBeingJulz, and Bottomless Pit ICT. Big thanks to MarkArts for hosting our meeting!
In no particular order…

N&J Cafe

Georges French Bistro

First Mile Kitchen

Mediterranean Grill

Station 8 BBQ
Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant


Le Monde

Norton's Brewing Company

Public at the Brickyard

Ty's Diner

R Coffee House
Siena Steakhouse

Bella Luna Cafe

Busters Burger Joint


Saigon Oriental Restaurant
P.M. Sessions at the Canvas

Il Vicino

The Kitchen

Pig In Pig Out


Bagatelle Bakery

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