The jug of cold water from Jorge Lorenzo to Marini, substitute for Marc Márquez and brother of Rossi

Marc Márquezafter 29 falls in a year to be forgotten with Slinghas packed his bags for Gresini to have with Ducati 2023 an opportunity to fight for the World Cup MotoGP.

It has arrived at the Japanese garage to replace it Luca Marini to accompany Joan Mir after terminating your contract with Mooney VR46his brother’s team Valentino Rossiwith whom a few months ago he had signed until 2024.

Analyzing his decision in statements to ‘As’, Jorge Lorenzofive-time world champion, is pessimistic: “Sportingly, I think it’s a mistake.”

“I think Honda’s desperate situation has created an opportunity at a contractual and economic level to Marini, who would surely have continued in the Mooney VR46, which has been difficult for him to reject,” he explained.

In his place, Lorenzo “would have prioritized more have the best motorcycle to show potential and win a championship.

exchange for money or for a challenge to a motorcycle that, in principle, is worse than the one you have… it is complicated. “Many pilots have gotten hurt doing that,” she noted.

“It’s already 25 years old and imagining a Honda being the best motorcycle in two or three years is not easy. For me it is an error at the results level. “He’s going to have a bad time, he’s going to have a lot of falls,” he concluded.

In the Cheste tests, Marini finished tenth and, like Joan Mir, he showed good feelings.

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