The middle finger of the BBC presenter who went around the world


Maryam Moshiri, the BBC presenter who showed
Maryam Moshiri, the BBC presenter who showed the middle finger on air.EM
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WHO. Presenter Maryam Moshiri accidentally flashed her middle finger at the start of the BBC’s midday news programme.

WHAT. The video went viral and Moshiri apologized, claiming that it was a “private joke” with his colleagues and that he did not realize they were broadcasting.

WHY. The presenter, of Iranian origin, was a correspondent for Al Jazeera and has been working on BBC news programs for 15 years.

It was 10 seconds before the midday news bulletin was broadcast on the BBC. The host Maryam Moshiri He simulated the countdown and, as a joke with his classmates, raised his middle finger while raising his eyebrows and gesticulating playfully at the camera.

The news program started like this, with the presenter ‘stretching the bird’, as they say in the British Isles. Or what is the same, ‘giving the finger’ to the spectators who were left speechless: until the presenter realized that they were on the air and announced very seriously: “Live from London, this is the BBC news…”.

The rabbit went unnoticed for hours, but Someone leaked the clip and the finger went viral on the networks. and went around the world. The BBC opened an internal investigation and producer Robert Coxwell vengefully warned: “Someone’s Christmas holidays are going to come early.”

The commotion reached such a point that the presenter was forced to apologize on her X account: “Hello everyone. Yesterday, just before the news program, I was joking with the team in the studio. I pretended to count to 10 with everyone fingers until I reached one, without realizing at that moment that it would be caught on camera.

It was a private joke, and I am very sorry that it was broadcast,” Moshiri added. “It was not my intention and I apologize. I didn’t want to ‘stretch the bird’ to the viewers. “It was a silly joke for my classmates.” With her hyper-professional face, Moshiri immediately moved on to recount the appearance of the former premiere Boris Johnson before the Covid investigation, which has fueled the speculation of the possible recipient of the digitus impudicus, as the Romans called it. There was also a rumor that the finger was intended for the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak already their plans to deport immigrants pending asylum application to Rwanda, the second news of the day.

In any case, Maryam Moshiri has become world famous for her eloquence and telegenicity. Born 46 years ago in Tehran, living with her family since she was a child in the United Kingdom, she was a correspondent for Al Jazeera before making the leap to the BBC, working for 15 years in news programs such as The Business Briefing, The Context either The Daily Global.

Last September, Moshiri also made headlines for a technical problem on another news program, when he was announcing the story of the Super moon and the video didn’t come in on time. “I’m sorry we can’t see the pictures.”he said, while using his hands to make a circle before the cameras to simulate the moon. The recent gaffe has brought to mind a slip that occurred in 2010, when cameras caught BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker giving presenter Simon McCoy the middle finger… and surreptitiously raising it to his chin when he realized that were in the air.

Two years later, the singer MIA hit the mark in the Superbowl final by showing the famous finger and exonerating herself by claiming that it was “a spiritual gesture of the Hindu goddess Matangi.” Then, as now, quotes from anthropologist Desmond Morris abounded, reminding us that this is about one of the oldest known offenses and that its interpretation is the same in all cultures: The middle finger is the penis and the fingers bent on each side are the testicles..

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