The Mossos investigate an alleged rape of a young woman in the old case of Tarragona

The Mossos d’Esquadra investigate a alleged sexual assault to a young woman who occurred during the early hours of Friday in the Upper Part of Tarragona. The Criminal Investigation Division is in charge of investigating what happened in events for which, for the moment, no one has been identified and no suspect has been arrested.

There is also no evidence that a complaint has been made, but the facts are being investigated. According to Europa Press, which cites sources familiar with the case, one or more men would be involved in this alleged rape, although the Mossos do not confirm to laSexta that it is a group rape. The young woman went to a hospital after what happened.

‘The Case’ adds that the young woman told a group of people that he had lost his cell phone, being taken to a place with the excuse that they knew where the phone was. It would have been at that moment that she was raped.

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