“The most complete player I have ever seen…”

Novak Djokovic He doesn’t get tired of winning. At 36 years old she has already won 24 Grand Slams and he wants that number to continue increasing over the next few years. He keeps his motivation intact and one of his ‘secrets’ is the new rivalry that he has shown against Carlos Alcaraz.

Both have played spectacular tennis matches. Finals that will always be remembered. And next year they could meet again in the duels for the titles. Nole assures that Beating Carlitos is one of his great motivations currently.

In an interview on the program ’60 Minutes’ he spoke about the Murcian: “Carlos Alcaraz is the most complete player I have seen in a long time“Losing at Wimbledon pissed me off so much that then I had to win it all in America…”

“I think right now My additional motivation is in those young people who are hungry for success and they are inspired to play their best against me. In a way, they awakened the beast in me,” warns the Serbian tennis player.

Defeating Djokovic is an almost impossible task. Especially five sets. The Serbian always stays in the game even if he is behind on the scoreboard: “Lto mental strength It is something that is worked on and I have been doing it for many years.”

“There are different techniques, like conscious breathing, this is a fundamental part. Especially, in moments when I am under pressure. There are moments when it may seem that I am calm and centered, but maybe a storm is brewing inside me“explains the tennis number 1.

“We are human beings, the difference between great champions and those who strive to reach the highest level is in the ability to Don’t stay in those bad emotions for too long. For me it lasts a relatively short time and, when it happens, I accept it immediately,” Djokovic said.

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