The Municipal Police completes the renewal of its fleet with 250 new vehicles: most of them camouflage and more armored


Acquires 210 passenger cars and 40 vans (six of them equipped with fuel gauges) on a lease basis

new cars
New Municipal Police cars.AYTO. MADRID

The Madrid City Council has completed the renewal of all vehicles destined for its Municipal Police. This week, the area of ​​Vice Mayor, Spokesperson, Security and Emergencies, headed by Inmaculada Sanz, has approved the contract of supply of 250 cars under lease for 16.6 million euros.

This new item, which will extend until May 2029, will not only replace those rental cars whose contract expires in the coming months, it will also increase a fleet that currently exceeds 1,070 units (705 of them are four wheels). The aforementioned contract is broken down into 210 passenger cars (100 compact, 60 SUV and 50 sedans), all of them camouflaged (or in plain clothes). Also 40 vans (38 mixed and two combis), of which 15 will be labeled (that is, on which the word Police will appear) and the other 25, camouflaged (six of the latter, in addition, equipped with ethylmeters).

From the Sanz area they state that their municipal body will use these vehicles “fundamentally for the surveillance of public spaces and for events with large influx of public.” And they add: “Also to provide assistance or aid to citizens in the event of an accidentcatastrophe or public calamity, among other uses.

Regarding their equipment, and in order to “guarantee the safety of the agents”, these new 250 cars will have windows with safety films and improved ballistic protection. Likewise, all cars They will incorporate four-season tires (so that they maintain their performance both in summer and winter), navigation system and, 235 of them, a siren amplifier and public address system with three sound tones.

The vast majority of these new additions (up to 210) will be hybrids or micro-hybrids “to increase their energy and environmental efficiency,” they say from the Security Area, highlighting that this item joins the one already undertaken at the end of 2022, when the City Council acquired another 472 new vehicles -for which it allocated 34.3 million euros-. Figures that reflect an increase in the Corps’ mobile fleet of 26.6% throughout the last legislature.

Thermal clothing for agents

In addition, the municipal Government Board also agreed this week to authorize the contract for the supply of thermal clothing for municipal agents, with a multi-year expenditure of 2.4 million euros.

The object of this agreement is made up of three lots, one for each type of garment: long sleeve winter thermal t-shirt (36,000 units), winter thermal inner pants (13,000) and short-sleeved summer thermal t-shirt (another 36,000).

“The particularities of the provision of police service, its conditions, the intensive use of clothing and the weather make this supply necessary. These clothing offer optimal thermal efficiency to combat both cold and heat“, assess from the Security area, who conclude that with this contract “the renovation of the locker room” of all emergency services is completed: Municipal Police, SAMUR-Civil Protection and Madrid Fire Department.

This last body, specifically, presented its renewed uniformity last November, after a municipal investment of 1.8 million euros. From now on they will keep their intervention suit in indoor fires and will have two new uniforms: one light intervention and another for work in the fire stations themselves.

In 2021, for its part, the new SAMUR-Civil Protection kits were presented, which renewed its image and, for the first time, It adapted to the anatomy of women in municipal service.

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