“The new Verstappen”, his great rival

Toto Wolff refusing to “discard” Alonso as a possible substitute for Lewis Hamilton, Flavio BriatoreFernando’s manager, uploading a photo with the Mercedes boss, Jenson Button and Jacques Villeneuve asking for his signing, the pilot himself leaving the door open…it is clear who is going to be the protagonist of the ‘silly season’ this season.

However, beyond rumors and ‘dreams’, there is some reality in this cabal. At least that’s what the renowned Formula 1 journalist says. Mark Hugheswho has stated that the two-time champion is Mercedes’ plan B.

As he writes in ‘The Race’, in Brackley they come to Andrea Kimi Antonelliwhich will debut this season in Formula 2as the ideal substitute.

In fact, the team, even with Hamilton, already had a plan for “the new Verstappen” will debut in 2025 with Williamswill continue with the team in 2026 and will join Mercedes in 2026.

“If Antonelli does what is expected in F2 this season, there is a strong possibility that he will directly replace Hamilton,” reads the outlet.

It is difficult to think that Mercedes could trust a ‘rookie’ who is barely 18 years old for the team, so the team has a ‘plan B’.

This, neither more nor less, is Fernando Alonso: “If you think that the Mercedes project is the path to another title, He will go there with the full conviction that he will surpass George Russell and that even if Antonelli arrives a season or two later, he will still be there.

In fact, the pilot himself has pointed out in advance of the presentation of the AMR24 that “if we cannot reach an agreement [con Aston] and I want to commit to continuing racing in F1, I know I have a privileged position.”

“I’m probably attractive to other teams because of the performance they saw last year, the commitment and, as I say, there are only three world champions on the grid and for the 25th there is only one available“, has added.

“I feel good. Fitter than ever. The numbers we achieved in all the physical tests we do each season were the best this year,” she concluded.

Mike Krackteam leader, is aware of the situation and wants to renew Alonso now: “We love Fernando. We have a very good relationship with him, he is an integral member of the team. We have a relationship based on trust and openness and we would be delighted of continue with Fernando in 25 and the following year“.

However, with the Asturian still unsigned, he knows what lies ahead at this start of the season: “I think it’s going to be a question [que recibir√©] during the first months of the year.

Aston Martin now wants to renew Alonso, Fernando delays the signing to see if he has motivation (because level has made it clear that he does), his representative is photographed next to the boss of the team that has him on his list… An interesting 2024 is coming .

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