The Philharmonic will have 3 shows to celebrate its 20th anniversary

The Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra will have three shows to celebrate its 20th anniversary and thus close the 2023 concerts in style.

In total there will be three performances of two shows: “Héroes del Silencio” with guests and “Salsa Plancha” will be the protagonists on the days December 18, 19 and 20 at the Melico Salazar Popular Theater starting at 8:00 pm

Under the direction of the famous and renowned director Marvin Araya, they will revive the music of the Spanish band 27 years after their separation.

“For this single presentation A varied repertoire will be covered with the best of the Heroes and we will have several guest artists, some of them very close to the aforementioned band, such is the case of Tony Villegas, a Costa Rican singer who was not part of the Héroes del Silencio, however, after the band dissolved, he performed several presentations with the original musicians,” they proudly highlighted.

Another of the guests for the great night of philharmonic rock in Spanish with the best of the Héroes del Silencio will be Alan Boguslavsky, Mexican guitarist, baptized as “El Azteca de Oro” by Enrique Bunbury himself. Allan did play with HDS, in addition to becoming producer and composer of several songs on the album Avalancha. He married a Tica woman and lives here.

The next two days, that is, Tuesday, December 19 and Wednesday, December 20, the Philharmonic will change its style, with two “Salsa Plancha” shows, which will include very varied songs such as “I’m not used to it”, “Apparently”, “Loves like ours”, “The magic of your kisses”, “The most beautiful love”, among many others.

For these two presentations there will be guest artists such as Rumba Jam, Alexander Esquivel (Chochón), Gustavo Díaz, Kike Dodero and Edgar ̈”Sinca” Murillo.

There are still tickets available for all shows, through the Eticket platform.

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