The PP proposes to change the law so that the National Court assumes the investigation of the drug traffickers of Cádiz


Alberto Nez Feijo visited this Monday Barbate (Cdiz) to show solidarity with the Civil Guard after the murder of two agents at the hands of drug traffickers last Saturday in the town’s port. From there, the president of the PP has proposed a legal reform so that it is the National Court that takes on this case and all those related to the trafficking of derogations in this area and in the bordering region of the Campo de Gibraltar.

The main opposition party demands “to transfer those particularly serious summaries to the National Court, which has the means and experience against kale borrokaagainst terrorism and against organized crime,” as announced by the leader of the PP. After hearing the testimony of the anti-drug prosecutor and her complaints about the lacerating lack of means against these criminals, Feijo has demanded that the cases be elevated so that ” be treated by magistrates who have experience in these acts.” And for this, an article of the Organic Law of the Judicial Power.

In an appearance before the media – in which, in the midst of the controversy over the conditional pardon for Puigdemont, he did not admit questions “out of respect” for the deceased -, Feijo stressed that his party has been “warning for too long of the absence of ” in the zone. “And we have been demanding for a long time that the Campo de Gibraltar be declared an area of ​​special singularity and [el resto de] the province of Cádiz, with more resources, more material, more remuneration benefits and more surveillance”.

The president of the PP has complained that the ‘popular’ have been asking for a “special security plan” since the end of 2018. “And these protests have been continuously neglected” from La Moncloa. “It is a black spot for the police and the Civil Guard, but unfortunately the Government” has not paid attention to them, he added.

That is why the Popular Parliamentary Group will now present its “special security plan” in Congress and the Upper House. “And I assure you that we are going to approve it, because in the Senate we have an absolute majority. And the senior officials of the Ministry and the members of the Government who have a direct or indirect relationship will appear, but we are not going to forget about Barbate, because it is spearhead and it seems that the State has renounced exercising its powers in an area of ​​Spain”.

Furthermore, Feijo has criticized that, after the “dangerous event” of seeing some civil guards trying to control “a series of criminals with large boats” from a zodiac, no member of the Executive has “set foot” in Barbate to show solidarity. “And the president, on the night of mourning, went to a movie gala,” he criticized. “Tomorrow Marlaska cannot sit in the Council of Ministers. I would fail to fulfill my obligation as head of the opposition if I did not ask for the minister’s dismissal,” he concluded.

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