The real reason why Celeste Cid and Abril Sosa would have separated: “She is devastated”

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After seven months of a super intense relationship (which even included their engagement), Celeste Cid and April Sosa They decided to put a end point to your relationship. Until now, neither of them had wanted to talk about this issue but it was she who launched a stinging post on her social networks that said: “You stained everything with betrayal“.

At that time, this phrase had not made much sense but, weeks later, the journalist Juan Etchgoyen told one information that made everything close.

“You know that Celeste Cid and the musician from Catupecu Machu, April Sosathey separated and, as I understand it, It has not been on good terms, on the contrary. I would tell you that it was all pretty bad. In the last days, Sky blue “He has made some other post that caught attention and I was able to talk to a person close to the drummer,” said the host of Miter Live.

What they tell me is that Abril would have made the decision to leave Celeste and return to his ex, Silvana D’Abriola, the question here is if he didn’t play both sides at some point. In this context that I am telling you, April would have decided to settle back in Madrid with Silvana to make up for that lost time. The person who tells me this tells me that April “He never stopped loving her and that’s why he came back to her,” he added.

Completing the information, Etchegoyen hill: “And I don’t want to go too deep but they tell me that Celeste is devastated by what happened, she feels betrayed to no end. We will see if at some point the protagonists say something.”

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